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Exceptions & Investigation

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, exceptions are the risk, cost and inefficiency of the financial industry. In payments operation departments, an average of 2% - 5% of all payment transactions results in an enquiry. Unfortunately, resolving these people-intensive exceptions consumes time and effort. Management of exceptions remains the most resource intensive and costly activity for payment institutions.

Tech Mahindra have the deep industry expertise to provide solution under Exception and investigation to resolve all recurring issues that prevent any bank or institution from attaining a high level of efficiency.

Solutions provided for

  • Multichannel Support
  • Automated Routing and Forwarding
  • STP Rules
  • Electronic Case File
  • Service Client
  • Pending & Escalation
  • Input Payment mask
  • Investigation Charges


  • Flexible / agile and affordable solution
  • User friendly: Short learning curve, faster ROI.
  • Resilience and Security – No risk
  • Low Processing Costs: Process Standardization, Resource control, documentation and enhanced efficiency.
  • Risk Reduction: Less Processing errors, Priority handling for high value transactions, Comprehensive reporting and analytics better Customer Service: Faster Payments Processing.


Cost of ownership on Data Management

Cost of ownership on Data Management

Case Studies

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