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Connected Mine

The demand for high grade ores continues to rise and so does the cost of extracting minerals, which are becoming increasingly scarce. The mining industry is now moving to remote areas and shifting to riskier reserves, increasing the overall operational cost. The equipment utilization rate is beyond 80% and yet the overall operational efficiency is lagging.

Companies aim at achieving lean operations without compromising on industrial safety standards and environmental regulations. Considering the huge scale of operations, mining companies need total visibility of all the operational stages as well as real time data updates to have control over all activities at multiple sites. In an ecosystem where there are significant supply chain visibility gaps, Tech Mahindra’s Connected Mine solution is targeted to provide access to the larger picture and leading to synchronised people,  processes and data.

Tech Mahindra’s Connected Mine solution is aimed at the horizontal and vertical integration of applications across the mining value chain to align business units and share insightful information across the value chain for collaborative operation. The solution has a proven track record of delivering tangible business value in the form of increased productivity and lowered overall costs.

Key capabilities of Connected Mine

  • Alignment: Enables higher collaboration across business units by helping them synchronise with the organization’s business goals, thereby improving productivity and lowering costs.
  • Insight: Unveils previously hidden information by promoting visibility within and across  business units
  • Predictability: Identifies data gaps and forestalls potentially damaging impact
  • Agility: Builds the ability to quickly and successfully respond to changes in customer requirements and market conditions.

Business benefits

  • Real time, reliable information for meeting demand forecasts
  • Reusable integration services
  • Improved strategic decision making capability
  • Improvements in overall plant productivity
  • Reduction in supply chain visibility gaps
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