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Monetizing Data from the Connected Car

Today, most of the regular features of a car, like speed, fuel efficiency, gas levels, heating and air conditioning and the audio have all been digitized. The car itself reaches out to the surrounding world for real-time traffic information, roadside assistance and music streaming from the cloud. As there are over 1 billion cars on the world’s roads and with people spending a lot of their waking hours in cars, there are a growing number of services around connectivity in vehicles that make a difference to people’s lives.

Tech Mahindra believes in connected world which connects businesses and consumers through innovative experiences. Our Connected Car solutions help connect people to their lives, even inside their vehicles.

Tech Mahindra’s Connected Car and Data Monetization Portfolio

1. Driver Safety & Vehicle Reliability

In order to enable safety and reliability, the vehicle will evolve to include new safety features that are not currently available. Car data can enable real-time emergency calls, immediate information that facilitates rescue services, and road hazard warnings that allow drivers to be informed and respond quickly.

Driver Safety & Vehicle Reliability

2. Customer experience and aftermarket services

Solutions with improved customer experience of the product and differentiated aftermarket services are the two key focus areas for car makers. In order to avoid commoditization of their products, auto manufacturers must focus on next-gen solutions, which can convert the vehicle into an information hub and also add convenience to the consumers. These value added services have potential to generate highly profitable revenue during the entire lifespan of a vehicle.

Customer experience and aftermarket services

Connected Car Service Subscription Management

With the increased focus on new connectivity services, it is essential for OEMs to drive consumer experience change while being MNO agnostic - using eUICC SIM. In order to manage the increasing complexity of end customer digital services, it has become imperative for OEMs to provide a future-proof way for subscription management of Connected Car services. Tech Mahindra is building a scalable futureproof and flexible platform that will allow OEMs to:

  • Manage service definitions
  • Package these services as service bundles using cataloging capabilities
  • Manage resources - TCU, the new eUICC, conventional SIMs, eUICC profiles and MNO subscriptions
  • Provide service management and orchestration

Our SaaS cloud-based solution ensures flexibility in capacity and has a clear technology roadmap. The application consists of an enterprise product catalog, subscription data and service instance management, service orchestration, service and MNO usage and logical inventory. The best-of-breed architecture will help eliminate single vendor dependency and facilitate micro services for future proofing and enabling plug and play of new functions.

3. Next-gen ‘on demand’ service models

Product servicification can help to establish an entirely new business model which can package new services catering to multiple consumption points related to mobility. We have seen the disruptive business models like car sharing and car hailing services in the past few years. On similar lines, we will see services packaged around fuel, tires, parking, etc.

Next-gen ‘on demand’ service models

While Tech Mahindra’s Connected Car offerings connect you to your world, our data monetization solutions help Automotive ecosystem players in:

  • Direct monetization – through selling products, features, or services to the customer
  • Tailored advertising - leveraging car data to push individual offerings to customers
  • Selling data - collecting, analyzing, and reselling big data to third parties

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