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Digital Marketing

Choosing the right Digital Marketing technology enables firms to provide documented evidences for security controls, safeguard records and accomplish disaster recovery policies. eRMS Framework meets compliance regulations through implementation of declaration, long-term classification, retention and disposition centric procedures for records.

An eRMS framework provides accelerators to deliver integrated and secure access to content across the enterprise and supports content storage across variety of storage devices from leading vendors. Enterprise process enabled services provide common frameworks that aid in automation of information & document routing, form based information gathering and establish mail notifications for critical tasks/ events to the information workers.

Solution features

  • A robust system for management of any document including inspection reports, machinery manuals and others for manufacturing sector.
  • Supports archive emails on demand by drag and drop basis with options catering to high security records
  • Records retention and disposition management including time and event triggers
  • Support for Physical and Electronic Records. Easy configuration of retention rules
  • Auto-population of Metadata for indexing/tagging with drag-drop feature
  • Quick integration of Digital Marketing systems for enhanced collaboration and document access with all business applications,
  • Facilitates stored information access and exchange via internet enabling faster coordination amongst teams on assembly lines around the world
  • Ensures engineers receive latest product designs and blueprints through version control and check-in/out features.

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