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Field Quality and Cost Control

Field Quality Issue Discovery and Traceability framework bridges the critical gap between identification of product failure, its diagnosis and resolution, and closes the loop consisting of Customer Service, Quality, Production, Sourcing, and Engineering departments. Equipped with on field information from point of failure to source of failure helps OEMs in:

  • Reducing Detection to correction (DTC) times by 25 to 50 percent
  • Reduce overall warranty related costs by 10 to 20 percent
  • Improve Early warning by up to 50 percent

Field Quality Issue Discovery and Traceability framework helps multiple stakeholders in the following ways:

  • Manufacturing and Quality Assurance can trace information back through a product’s value chain and expose critical elements that lead to the root causes of failure.
  • Field Quality Analysts can proactively explore structured and unstructured data to discover emerging issues, identify problems, and detect key factors in product failures.
  • Supplier Quality engineers can identify the supply locations that require value-added/value-engineering (VA/VE) assistance.
  • The Purchasing and Sourcing departments, equipped with the information of concerned supplier and respective part-number to improve supplier charge back with increased leverage during contract negotiations, can quickly aggregate and analyze claim data being equipped with
  • Engineering can identify critical field failure and reliability data that can be used for part selection and deciding on product improvements.
Warranty Spend Analysis
Market White Spaces

With the aforementioned driving principals, Tech Mahindra brings to you the improved “New-Gen Field Quality and Cost Control” that works in tandem with our Connected Cars’ solution (Telematics), AI (Artificial Intelligence) for SKM(Service Knowledge Management), and Predictive Analytics platform (PRISM) to streamline the operational warranty process and provide end-to-end actionable insights across the Field Quality/warranty management life cycle.

Key Solution Tenets

  • Field Quality/Warranty Cost Prediction
  • After Sales Digital Marketing & Campaign
  • Production Quality Improvement Basis Field Quality data from Warranty claims processing
  • Early Warning System
  • AI Vehicle Diagnostics & Mobility integration

Key Component of FQCC

FQCC Key Component

Key Benefit Levers

  • Reduction in Product Defect costs through Predictive Analytics and Field & Production Quality Improvements, directly improving Service & Warranty areas.
  • Reduction of Overheads through BSG service integration
  • Reduction of Fraudulent Claims through High Automation & Analytics
  • Improved Supplier Cost Recovery

Key Solution

Key Solution

Tech Mahindra’s Field Quality and Cost Control enables organizations to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by enabling the following: -

  • Control product failure and quality issues up to 15%
  • Reduce fraud claims by 6-9%
  • Improving Supplier Cost Recovery by 2X
  • Improve warranty and contract sells by 3-7%


Nex Gen Field Quality Improvement

Nex Gen Field Quality Improvement
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