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Service Lifecycle Management

Manufacturers are laser focused on after sales service due to low product margins and reduced market share as a result of fierce competition from low cost competitors from the emerging markets

80-20 principle

After sales and service accounts for ~20% of the total revenue of a typical manufacturing organization, however it generates ~80% of the profits. Therefore, it goes without saying that any initiative to improve the service revenue has an exponential impact on the profit and bottom line of the manufacturer

Current state of SLM Application Market

  • Fragmented service application and infrastructure landscape that have been implemented on mutually exclusive basis without a proper assessment of the impact on other components of the service lifecycle – companies are facing integration delays, challenges and higher costs
  • The diversity of the SLM market has resulted in companies struggling to decide between deep, but narrow functionality versus broader but no as sophisticated features
  • As a result, companies are not having a visibility of the end to end lifecycle resulting in ineffective decision making capabilities
  • Digitization is transforming consumer expectations and the fragmented service landscape lacks the capability to offer the highest level of convenience, unprecedented user experience and transparency that consumers are used to in their other spheres of life

An integrated approach to Service Lifecycle Management

SLM Model 

We have modelled our integrated SLM offering around Gartner’s SLM model and “Connected” the three SLM components with the following four enablers:

  • Cloud
  • Omni-Channel
  • Collaboration, Gamification
  • Social
  • Digital

Our integrated service lifecycle management solutions and best practices can help OEM’s to increase their after sales and service revenue by ~25 – 30% and increase the CSAT score by ~10%

Solutions showcase

  1. Connected Aftermarket
  2. Connected Warranty Lifecycle Management
  3. Service Optimization Analytics
    1. SCM Analytics & Optimization
    2. Predictive Warranty Analytics
  4. Service Knowledge Management

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Service Lifecycle Management


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