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Online retail sales is expected to be $2.5 trillion (according to a study by e-marketer) by 2018. Cart abandonment has long plagued the online channel and it is one of the biggest challenges, e-tailers face. 68% shoppers fail to convert their carts (according to a 2015 research by the Baymard institute) resulting in potential revenue loss of around ~$18bn per annum to e-tailers. Statistics paint it worse for first time buyers on an e-tail website. Only 1% of new visitors to a website buy, 99% bounce. 

One of the primary reasons is shoppers expect In-store experience while shopping Online, which is not delivered consistently across the digital touch-points. But with the right interventions and analytics; an estimated 63% of $18bn lost annually to online cart abandonment can potentially be recovered. 

Presenting CartFULL: The only holistic solution in the market that packs Multi-Channel Cart Conversion interaction, Analytics, Social Media and Shopping in an outcome based engagement model that enables retailers across stages of customer journey in e-commerce by providing: 

  • Online Customer sales assistance
  • Online Customer conversion
  • Cart completion
  • Cart recovery
  • Customer advocacy
  • Social Shopping

e-tailers are now going to have their “CartFULL across E-tail touch-points with a customer: 

  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Retention
  • Growth
CartFULL Conversation Sales

CartFULL equips e-tailers with a powerful arsenal of: 

  • Context Triggered Multi-Channel Interventions: Click-to-call, Chat, Co-browsing, Email, SMS, File Sharing
  • Social Shopping
  • Loyalty: Social Media & Omni-channel
  • Analytics: Cart Abandonment, Recovery & Web
  • Expert services: UX Consulting, multi-channel agents, advanced analytics

CartFULL delivers clear benefits to all Online e-taling businesses: 

  • Increase cart conversions up to 20%
  • Recover up to 15% of abandoned carts
  • Drive repeat customers
  • Increase basket size by 10-15%
CartFULL Benefits

With up to 20% conversion of lost carts, CartFULL is making huge difference to the revenue generated. Point-solutions catering to cart completion, fulfillment and recovery are a nightmare to maintain, upgrade and offer asynchronous customer experience. Online retailers can come of age and maximize their ROI in outcome based models that convert abandoned carts. 

Tech Mahindra via CartFULL™ brings the only end-to-end solution available that caters to all aspects of online cart conversion and recovery, ensuring that retailers are not just left with a volume of traffic, but with the satisfaction of great conversions and customers, whose experience on the e-commerce site is digitally nuanced to perfection at each stage of their journey from acquisition to conversion. 


Comprehensive Online Cart Conversion and Recovery

Comprehensive Online Cart Conversion and Recovery

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Creating Successful eCommerce Conversions

Creating Successful eCommerce Conversions
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