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Smart Car Offerings for Auto Insurer

Traditional auto-insurance plans have considerable room for improvement. In auto insurance plans, premiums are calculated on industry averages and not on the actual usage of individual drivers. This problem can be addressed through our focus on Networks, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Security (NMACS) led solutions as part of our Digital Enterprise Solutions focus.

Presenting our telematics driven smart and cost efficient solution for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) for both Personal and Commercial auto insurance players across the globe, the potential savings can be:

  • Insurance company's claim costs can be reduced by 30% while offering the eligible Insured a savings of up to 50% in their current level of premiums
  • There by creating a win-win situation for the insurer and insured

We have three variants to offer, OBD II device based solution, Blackbox based solution and Mobile app based solution.

Our Differentiators

  • UBI center of excellence
  • BFSI domain experience
  • Rich experience in automobile industry
  • Experience in manufacturing in-vehicle telematics products and services
  • Integrated Analytics, Big Data and Cloud practices
  • End-to-end managed services capability


  • Commercial benefits to insurance companies by way of better alignment of insurance pricing with the actual risk
  • Potential cost savings for responsible and eligible drivers
  • Opportunity to roll-out competitive and differentiated auto insurance products
  • Geo Fencing and GPS enabled personal and vehicle security
  • Accident Claims reconstruction and Fraud Monitoring
  • Host of value added services like Guided Driving, Emergency Call Assistance, and Roadside Assistance etc.
  • Social and environmental benefits from more responsible driving


Cost of ownership on Data Management

Cost of ownership on Data Management

Case Studies

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