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Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Our Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution offerings allow customers to benefit from Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing-enabled services through the principles of agility, operational excellence and Kaizen.

Our solutions include:

  • Advanced supply chain planning
  • Advanced procurement and sourcing solutions
  • Order management
  • Advanced pricing solutions
  • Mobile supply chain and warehouse management

Our Life Science Solutions and Consulting Services under Manufacturing and SCM directly integrate with other industry sub-groups. This integration ensures that all solutions seamlessly interact with the customers’ entire process flow.

  • Shop Floor to Top Floor Integration for Compliance

    Tech Mahindra's “Shop-floor-to-top-floor” solution is a comprehensive manufacturing automation system that covers the entire manufacturing system, right from Management Information Systems (MIS) to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) layer.

    The solution covers the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) layer enabled by Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI).

  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

    Tech Mahindra's Performance Metrics Analytics solution is a Life Sciences industry specific Business Intelligence (BI) framework. The framework consists of best practices, business content and enablers for fast track solution implementation.

    The solution uses Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing tools to industry-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Also, the solution uses dashboard-based metric analytics that provides a snapshot of entire manufacturing performances.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Tech Mahindra's one-stop-shop for Enterprise Resource Planning solution enables Life Sciences organizations meet their customer needs through flexible business process and strategic planning initiatives. The solution improves their day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively while meeting the requirements of stringent regulations.

  • Electronic Batch Records

    Tech Mahindra's Electronic Batch Records (EBR) service offering enables Life Sciences organizations to record and manage information electronically. The offering gives a tight control of the production processes, generates alarms and increases productivity by elimination of manual data entry tasks.

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems

    Tech Mahindra's Manufacturing Executive System (MES) solutions enables Life Sciences organizations achieve closed-loop integrations of planning and execution layers. This helps to improve manufacturing operations and plan visibility.

  • Process Analytics Technologies

    Tech Mahindra's Process Analytics Technologies solution is designed to consistently meet product critical quality attributes. The solution continuously monitors the processes and updates them to allow consistent quality over time.

    Also, the solution identifies and controls the critical sources of process variations. The solution includes technology aspects, such as Process Analytics Technology (PAT), on-demand data access and collaborative analytics.

  • Laboratory Information Management Systems

    Tech Mahindra's Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) offering helps the Life Sciences organizations to manage laboratory samples, users, instruments, standards and other laboratory functions.

  • Serialization and Pedigree

    Tech Mahindra's solution framework, for serialization and ePedigree, is designed to avert the probable losses due to drug counterfeiting by creating drug pedigree. The service offering addresses compliance to country specific regulations and serialization mandates. Also, the solution enables to track and trace Life Sciences products across the supply chain through data matrix standards.

  • Recalls

    Tech Mahindra's Recall Management solution is built on top of the ePedigree framework for effective recalls. The solution enables Life Sciences organization to plug recalls management into forward logistics and optimize recall success for compliance.

  • Cold Chain Management

    Tech Mahindra's Cold Chain Management service offering enables Life Sciences organizations to control the temperature during transportation of pharmaceutical products, biological and active ingredients. The service offering is designed to:

    • Keep the material within the stipulated temperature range
    • Comply with all regulations such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and non-GMP
    • Minimize costs
    • Increase efficiency
  • Supply Chain Strategy and Excellence

    Tech Mahindra's Supply Chain Strategy services are offered by Bristlecone consultants that we acquired. The services include defining and executing the supply chain strategy and aligning the performance targets with that strategy.

  • Strategic Procurement

    Tech Mahindra's Strategic Procurement offering helps Life Sciences organizations to save significant costs through advanced planning, scheduling and group buying initiatives.

  • Supplier Collaboration

    Tech Mahindra's Supplier Collaboration solutions provide a collaborative platform for buyers and suppliers. The solution enables to gain real time access to supply side transactions and other relevant information.

  • Contract Management

    Tech Mahindra's Contract Management service offering helps to systematically and efficiently manage contract creation, and execute and analyze contract information. The solution maximizes financial and operational performance and minimizes risk.

  • Packaging Artwork and Design

    Tech Mahindra's Global Pack Management (GPM) offering enables tracking of artwork from design to final printing. The solution benefits include huge cost savings, compliance with regulatory norms and multi-lingual support.


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Strategies for Drug Anti-Counterfeiting in Global Supply Chain

Strategies for Drug Anti-Counterfeiting in Global Supply Chain
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