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Tech Mahindra’s deep knowledge in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, experience in sales and service processes, and hands-on exposure to the factory shop floor have helped us to build digital offerings in the core business domain. Tech Mahindra is working with 150+ Manufacturing clients globally across Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Discrete and Process sub-industry segments. Manufacturing in Tech Mahindra is aligned to TechM’s 3-4-3 strategy, which is alignment of 3 Mega trends- 4 Big bets - addressing 3 objectives.

The 3 Mega trends are

  • Growing demand for mass customization
  • Human-Robot Collaboration on the rise
  • Rapid IT-OT Convergence

Our 4 big bets solution is summarized by the term - firm

  • We build Factory of Future to improve worker productivity, lessen carbon footprint & digitize lean manufacturing.
  • We create IoT-SW-Electronics enabled smart product.
  • We improve reliability of product by integrating field warranty with product design and production quality
  • We support mobility & sharing economy with a focus on differentiating experience.
Factory of the Future IoT enabled Smart Products
  • Industrial IoT & analytics
  • Factory OT, automation
  • AR/VR based Simulation
  • Digital Twin
  • Factory IT: MES, LIMS, SCM
  • SW, Electronics, Embedded
  • SW Product IOT Platforms
  • Autonomous
  • Agile model for NPD
  • ALM-PLM-Traceability

Reliable Aftermarket Mobility, Sharing, CX
  • Service Lifecycle Management
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Health Monitoring
  • Diagnostic & Decision Support (AI)
  • Connected car monetization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Virtual Dealerships
  • Mobility & Omni channel CX
  • MVNO

The 3 objectives to be addressed are: Run Better, Grow Faster and Grow Greater (RCG).

We work with 8 out of 10 global automotive OEMs and the Top 6 Tier 1 companies in this sector. We are helping them build next-gen IoT enabled smart products- smart cars, EV cars, enabled with mobility, sharing and charging features. We were designing components - today we build the full car e.g. a full scale EV for a Swedish and a Chinese OEM. Tech Mahindra invested in V2V, V2X, connected – autonomous – ADAS – infotainment – OTA technology areas, which is enabling us to be the strategic partner for the OEMs. We are an extended arm of their core new product technology. Along with these OEMs and Tier 1 companies, we are working towards Year 2030 target to reduce carbon footprint by 57%, while availing mobility for 4 billion-plus people across the globe.

In the Reliable Aftermarket segment, while we are building smart products, we are also aware of the need to deliver smart experience through their usage. ‘Aircraft engine as a service’ and ‘tyre as a service’ are sample projects Tech Mahindra has delivered successfully on this front. For a North American aircraft manufacturer, we delivered an Aircraft Health Monitoring System (AHMS) platform - and we get paid whenever the aircraft is sold or the platform is used. We run global warranty for 4 automotive majors, and process more than 300,000 claims using process automation technology.

While the manufacturers are investing big on product and customer experience, the need of the hour is to control COGS by 10%. Industry 4.0 at an affordable cost is our third big bet. The cost of running a robot has come down from $17 to $8 in the last 3 years. The top 3 aircraft manufacturers of the world are holding an order backlog of 10 years. We are helping them to improve productivity by 30%, leveraging precision manufacturing techniques to tighten 4 million nuts, which hold you safe at 30,000 feet in the sky. We are working with a Japanese auto Tier 1, who taught lean manufacturing to the world. We are on a journey to deploy digital in their 120+ plants globally.

Our fourth big bet is is Mobility, Sharing and CX through product lifecycle usage. Tech Mahindra has invested in technologies such as AR-VR-MR, mobility, NLP, Bots, Virtual assist, etc. to help build differentiating customer experience. We run an agile factory of mobile apps for a German Auto maker for their various customer touchpoints across marketing, pre-sales, sales, aftermarket and auto financial services. Digital dealership in South Africa and Sales Assist mobility solution for a luxury auto brand in the US have helped improve JDPower CSI by 11 points.

Underlining these four big bets is our big data and advanced analytics offerings. Manufacturing is the second largest generator of data after telecom. Data from car, data from factory, data from driver behaviour, data from social media by customers – are all raw material for mission-critical analytics systems. We are helping a global top 3 electric motor manufacturer to be a vibration expert, using a new business model. We built the sensor, data streaming and algorithm for digital twin. We are also building IP for an auto OEM ‘signature for perfect engine line machining’.

We showcase our firm capabilities through investment in various Manufacturing labs spread across geographies:

Manufacturing Labs
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