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Retail Enterprise Information Management System

There are mountains of raw data stored in different pockets throughout the business with diverse supply chains, volatile customer needs and extensive product lines. Our deep industry expertise and advanced analytics capability helps retailers transform from "gut feel" and "siloed" decision making to fact based insights embedded with retailers' key process areas leading to smarter and wiser decisions.

Retail Enterprise Information Management System (REIMS™) is a comprehensive technology agnostic retail business insights solution that transforms your data into meaningful, actionable information without requiring months of effort to custom build data models and reports. It integrates seamlessly with disparate legacy systems and provides an easy to use platform that helps retailers to predict trends, see patterns and aids them to make customer centric decisions. It helps in addressing strategic, tactical and operational metrics, using relevant mining techniques coupled with industry experience and rich artifacts thus providing jump start to business intelligence and analytic initiatives of retailers.

  • 300 plus prebuilt Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in 15 defined process areas in Retail which includes 360 degree Customer Analytics, Merchandizing, Supply Chain Management, Multi Channel sales and Social Media Analytics
  • Business Intelligence at the finger tips – Mobile Enabled Analytics empowering decision makers anywhere on the move
  • What if scenarios - predictive analysis
  • Cloud-enabled platform
  • Fast risk free implementation - a typical implementation span time can vary from 12 weeks to 24 weeks
  • Role-based dashboards that can be drilled down to transactional details for multi dimensional analysis
  • Technology agnostic, robust Business Intelligence (BI) architecture that helps in data quality and streamlining information
  • Strong, tested, scalable and flexible logical data model for Retail
  • A Consulting led approach that includes a due diligence from our composite team of domain experts and technical consultants. The team will assess the process gaps and technical pain areas for executives on the job, advice on potential plug in and help devise an adoptable to be process analytics roadmap
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