Tech mahindra
Tech mahindra

Network Connectivity

Always on, rarely thought about and absolutely everywhere -- Tech Mahindra demonstrates solutions that essentially help blur the boundaries between physical and digital experience.

The digital generation shows no signs of losing its appetite for the applications and networks that develop its daily diet of information and social interaction. We are heading into a new era of technological ubiquity.

Broadcast anywhere, anytime to anyone – never miss a moment

  • Fans and sponsors happy - added revenue source
  • The future of sport on TV is 3D. Or is it?
  • 'Everyone is a participant' – contribute and connect
  • Content and capability in your pocket – it’s the mobile generation

Technologies that we do not see to be fully deployed by 2015

"Nice to want - not necessary to have"

We do not expect to see mass adoption of the following technologies by 2015

  • Big Data and related analytics to make on the ground decisions
  • Fully quantifiable athlete – where all athlete biometrics are measured
    • Partial adoption in specific areas (for e.g. biometric accreditation) could be present which Tech Mahindra will integrate back as part of private and public content.
New technology is a fantastic tool. It needs to be flexible, innovative and applied with common sense.
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