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Logistics Practice

We are one of the first India based consulting company to have an exclusive Logistics practice with in-depth experience that covers the entire Logistics Service Provider (LSP) business cycle. Our Logistics practice offers end-to-end solutions for LSPs. Our key value propositions for the Logistics industry are:

  • Experience on different lines of business in LSP industry, as well as extensive experience in shippers logistics enables us create LSP value proposition to shippers
  • Solutions and services that drive business growth
  • Domain and industry focused Business Analyst group
  • Experience on tools and applications used in the Logistics industry. We are the leaders in Oracle Transport Management (OTM) for LSPs
  • Ability to bring a combination of Industry, Processes & Technology to provide a holistic solution

We have partnered with leading LSPs with operations in integrated services, lead logistics, third-party logistics, freight forwarding, trucking, Less Than Truckload (LTL) operations and railroads to provide core industry solutions.

The practice has strong relationship with alliance partners and proven expertise in best-of-the-breed applications in the transportation and warehousing space. We are the co-development partner for LSP process-integration packs for quote-to-cash process across Oracle applications. While we leverage alliances with best-of-the-breed product vendors, the partners also provide customized IT solutions to the transportation and logistics industry.

Opportunity for LSPs to Drive Growth

The rapid growth in shipper supply chain and evolving models of engaging with LSPs present a unique opportunity for LSPs to drive growth from new or integrated services and expanding to new geographies.

We have been investing in building service offerings focused on the LSP vertical in the areas of service and geography expansion, LSP platforms, operational efficiency and customer experience lifecycle management. While technology is being seen as one of the key drivers for business growth at LSPs, we wish to accelerate the time to market for the LSP's growth oriented technology initiatives.

  • Grow from new or integrated services
  • Grow from expansion to new geographies
  • Improve efficiency by using global processes customized to business and geography
  • Experience faster customer on-boarding
  • Continuously improve through incremental process automation, e.g. zero click freight audit
  • Experience improved operational efficiency through optimization and analytics

Key Domain Service Offerings

  • Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) and cross docks
  • Global Trade Management services
  • Telematics solution
  • Enterprise mobility strategy and services
  • Analytics for LSPs
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Pricing, sales management and contract management for LSPs
  • Green and sustainability solutions

Key Logistics Solutions


    • It is a Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) extension for Fiscal operational regulatory compliance for emerging economies (FORCE)
    • Helps OTM customers expand into newer geographies such as Latin America
    • Provides a framework to create OTM extensions such as cross docks
    • Suits LSPs and shippers
    • Acts as a OTM Force platform for OTM extensions
  • LSP Platform Solutions

    • Quote to cash for multiple lines of businesses across geographies
    • Suits LSPs
    • Enables to provide new logistics services to LSP's customers
    • Automates quote-to-cash process
    • Provides the flexibility and scalability for future growth
  • Logistics xPress

    • Accelerated shipper OTM solution
    • Brings together best in class processes and OTM configuration for multi business unit, multi geography solution
    • Suits shippers
    • Incorporates best practices
    • Saves 30 percent on implementation time and cost
    • Reduces transportation cost, provides visibility and automates processes
  • New / Integrated LSP Services

    • Leverages process and technology framework for services such as inbound logistics and critical service logistics
    • Re-engineer existing system
    • Uses technologies, such as Java, Struts, Hibernate, Castor, Jasper Reports, Opensymphony and Log4J
    • Provides time to market advantage in launching new or integrated services
    • Ability to offer new or integrated logistics and supply chain services to LSP's customers
    • Services include aftermarket logistics, inbound logistics, cross-docking etc.
    • Enables verticalization of LSP solutions
    • Saves implementation time and cost
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Transportation platform across several lines of businesses for Overland Transportation for an integrated logistics service provider
  • Best-of-breed Warehouse Management System (WMS) engagements (10 plus) of leading WMS vendors
  • Experience in implementing a lite Order Management System (OMS) combined with WMS, Transportation Management System (TMS) and billing systems
  • Experience in implementing a fleet management system for driver, resource, equipment and capacity planning along with EBS integration
  • Crossdock application development for a global logistics company
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Mobility Solutions for a leading Courier Express Parcel company
  • Order and Parts Management for Service Parts Logistics
  • Mobile communication integrated with TMS

Point of Views

EDI and Blockchain

EDI and Blockchain

Success Stories

Transforming the Transportation platform for doing business in an emerging economy

Transforming the Transportation platform for doing business in an emerging economy

Integrated TMS capability via seamless integration with FORCE – Fiscal, Operational & Regulatory Compliance in Emerging Economies, to meet complex statutory taxation regulations of Brazil.

Development of Hotel Management System application for leading Hotel Chain in America

 Development of Hotel Management System application for leading Hotel Chain in America

Application will limit the amount of money spent on unused rooms.

Leading Port operator in the world, located in Middle East

Leading Port operator in the world, located in Middle East

One stop solution for all port stakeholders.

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