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Railroads Practice

We have decades of experience in providing critical solutions for the Railroad industry. Our railroads solution offering encompasses the entire value chain including end to end railroad applications management services for both Railroad operators and Technology companies.

We have the capability to address the following critical problems that customers face:

  • Measuring and analyzing the health of operations and incorporating real-time decision making in systems
  • Helping organizations to become agile to meet changing market demands
  • Predicting and incorporating maintenance needs based on the prevailing operational conditions
  • Managing the complete inventory of wayside and onboard devices
  • Integrating multiple diverse systems to leverage the joint capacity and capabilities
  • Analyzing the core competencies and moving out the peripheral functions
  • Leveraging the existing systems and manpower to the maximum operational efficiency
  • We have a long standing strategic relationship with the largest railroad in North America and proven case studies to demonstrate experience and subject matter expertise.
  • We have worked with a key rail technology company for the design and development of interoperable communication system. The system enables asset management of the communication and Interoperable Train Committee (ITC) systems in a secure, reliable and efficient way.
  • We are the preferred Systems Integrator (SI) by ITC that is lead by four Class I railroads.
  • Our existing relationship with industry leaders in Positive Train Control (PTC) implementation gives us the following advantages:
    • Experience in all segments of PTC implementation through association with Class 1 freight railroads
    • In-depth learning in PTC components by having worked on systems management system design, development and testing
    • In-house SI expertise by integrating various subsystems in PTC environment
    • Vast knowledge in requirement management of ITC and PTC requirements
  • We have dedicated Rail Transportation Development Centers
    • Development and testing centers in US with 100 plus full time employees, dedicated for PTC and other rail programs
  • We have experience in developing several applications for Wayside, car borne and central office systems. We provide end-to-end railroad application management services and support.
  • We have proven expertise in integration and optimization between different subsystems.
  • We have global engagements with leading organizations in US, UK, Japan, Australia and Middle East.
  • We have a partnership with PS Technology, a subsidiary of the largest rail operator in North America, to bring Railroad specific product offerings and system integration services to other railroads and commuters globally.

We have a proven experience in developing innovative and transformational solutions for global rail operators. Our service offerings include:

  • Transportation Applications

    • Train scheduling and dispatch control systems
    • Central and back office systems
    • Fuel optimizing solutions
    • Incident management system
    • Central information systems
    • Yard management and hump yard solutions
    • Asset management and tracking systems
    • Crew scheduling and calling systems
    • Revenue accounting and management systems
    • Training and simulation solutions, such as loco and yard simulation, engineer and conductor training
    • Maintenance advice systems
    • Van management systems
    • Hotel management systems
    • Portal applications
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
  • Engineering Applications

    • End-to-end embedded product development for Safety Integrity Level 4
    • Hardware engineering
    • Firmware development
    • Verification and validation
    • Safety and reliability
    • Obsolescence forecasting and management
    • Communication-based Train Control (CBTC)
    • Train to wayside communications, such as transponder and radio
    • Wayside to back office systems communications
    • Interoperable train communications
    • Passenger information systems and public announcement systems
    • Inter system messaging services
  • System Integration and Portfolio Optimization

    • Integration of vital and non-vital systems
    • Protocol analyzers
    • Analysis and assessment of functional systems
    • Optimization of systems to reduce redundancy and improve performance
    • Integration of enterprise solutions to core rail systems
    • Integration of different subsystems, such as way side, loco and Back Office Server (BOS) supplied from different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
    • Development of specifications for interoperability and compliance
    • Development of systems interface blocks and protocols for better connectivity between dis-similar functional systems
    • System study and independent assessment for performance, interface ability and compliance
    • Safety consultancy and risk assessment
  • Positive Train Control Implementation Services

    We are playing a key role in the Positive Train Control (PTC) mandated by Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to be implemented by Dec 31st, 2015. We are the System Integrators (SI) in various capacities for the following engagements:

    • SI for industry committee formed by major railroads in US to manage the industry requirements
    • PTC integration testing to provide end-to-end testing support for all the components in PTC to a Class 1 railroad in US
    • Systems Management Server (SMS) partnership with one player in the industry. We provide customized support for SMS agent, application gateway development and testing services
    • Management Information System (MIS) and BOS support for various business and functional requirements of Class 1 railroad. We integrate back office to business applications for Class 1 railroad
    • We are well versed with railroad functional requirements and have 50 plus engineers in US and an extended team of 200 in India focused on PTC
    • Our PTC Services

      • PTC readiness assessment
      • PTC professional services
        • Safety consultancy
        • Requirement definition and management
        • Architecture design
        • System integration
        • PTC testing
        • Training
        • Railroad asset management
        • Program management
      • PTC software and hardware – design, development and customizations
      • PTC maintenance and support services

      Service Offerings from Partner

      • Work force management systems
      • Wayside detection systems and collision avoidance systems
      • Dimensional clearance systems
      • Yard control systems
      • Training and simulations
      • Asset management systems
      • HR and safety solutions

Case Studies

Success Stories

Transforming the Transportation platform for doing business in an emerging economy

Transforming the Transportation platform for doing business in an emerging economy

Integrated TMS capability via seamless integration with FORCE – Fiscal, Operational & Regulatory Compliance in Emerging Economies, to meet complex statutory taxation regulations of Brazil.

Development of Hotel Management System application for leading Hotel Chain in America

 Development of Hotel Management System application for leading Hotel Chain in America

Application will limit the amount of money spent on unused rooms.

Leading Port operator in the world, located in Middle East

Leading Port operator in the world, located in Middle East

One stop solution for all port stakeholders.

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