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Consulting & Advisory

Professional Services Process Elements

Consulting and Advisory services leverage “Information” from (external public, external purchased, internal to consulting firms), apply “Expertise” of client Industry, trends, pain point and Provide “Insights” and “Transformation” roadmap.

Core Challenges in Audit, Accounting and Tax

  • Legacy Business Model and Outdated Business Practices
  • People Heavy Business
  • Most information is available for “Public consumption” & Clients have access to “Purchased data”
  • Insights become outdated quickly – while the Consulting firms take weeks or months to arrive at insights, the problem statement and the insights become out dates
  • Platform, Technology Players challenging Traditional models by providing real-time services
  • All of the above challenges, leading to potential disruption

Benefits of Digitizing the Core Functions

Provide Real-time, Relevant, “Higher-order”
Services for New-world
Technology/Platform Led Delivery model

TechM Point of View

Following are the areas where technology can change the outdated business practices:

With cyber threats increasing annually by 50%, organizations are looking for Cybersecurity solutions to prevent cyber-attacks and respond quickly in the event of one. Services related to Cybersecurity are becoming more important and relevant to the new-world. With EU’s GDPR compliance rules, it has become important to ensure that not just new but even the existing solutions are GDPR complaint. Also, sustainable social impact driven solutions are gaining traction in new-world.

Organizations struggle to obtain real-time, higher order insights when most of the data is freely available in public. Advisory consulting firms need to crunch large volume of data in real-time and derive insights. Advance Analytics and ML embedded solutions are becoming more important. It’s also crucial to let the clients have access to these tools, ingest data and view “What-If” scenarios.

In today’s world, Fin/Reg-Tech startups provide platform-led services in addition to embedding technology (e.g. AI/ML, Drones) to the process. It is important to expose these platforms to clients for easier integration of data, transactions and provide real-time view of the process. Most of these Platforms services need to be on Cloud with right level of access to customer data.

Our Service Offerings for Consulting and Advisory

  • Self-Service BI, Predictive Insights using MAD
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Threat Intelligence
    • GRC Automation
    • GDPR Compliance - Unified Data Privacy Protection & Governance Solution
  • Extreme Automation and Straight Through Processing leveraging RPA, AI/ML
  • Contract Lifecycle Management – CLM Data Extraction, Classification, Processing and Reporting of Lease Components
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