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Professional Services- Bringing Technology-Led Disruption

Professional Services industry is one of the largest industry segments with a market value of $1.6 Trillion, having a tremendous untapped potential for disruption. Let's look at the core services offered in this vertical and their major challenges:

Professional Services Process Elements

Professional Services Process elements are:

  • Gather Information, Refer Industry Data
  • Apply Expertise
  • Provide insights for better Execution
  • Provide independent Verification and Validation

Information, Insights

  • Vast amount Information is available publicly, free of cost
  • It’s much easier to process unstructured data from public sources
  • Many organizations and entities are providing data through Open APIs

Execution (Including Transformation)

  • Gig-economy and boutique firms challenging traditional firms
  • Platform Led Services providing alternative business models


  • Applying available rules has become easier and technological advancements allow regulators to self-apply them to leverage raw data
  • Visualization tools available to businesses make high volume of data processing and analysis much easier
  • Businesses are hiring data scientists to derive real-time insights
  • Timeliness of expertise is key - traditional management consulting firms take time to arrive at insights which are already outdated

Verification and Validation

  • Regulators and public demand higher degree of trust on independent verification and validation
  • Sampling is no longer optimal as algorithms can operate on almost complete data
  • In-built audit enabled by distributed ledger technology pre-empting the need for verification as post-fact operation
  • Higher order Verification and Validation of Algorithms as opposed to Traditional IT process or human verification

Why choose TechMahindra for Professional Services

  • Platform Driven, Outcome based Engagement Model
  • Domain Specific Service Offerings
  • Embed "Technology" as integral part of services enabling growth and high margin business

TechMahindra Professional Services

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