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U.SPatent # 8,140,550: System and method for bounded analysis of multimedia using multiple correlations

Multimedia content usage is on the rise and hence, it is becoming increasingly necessary to automatically analyze the multimedia content in order to enhance the effective applicability and usage of the content. The richness of a multimedia content demands multi-fold analysis of the content and further, this richness also leads to openness and vastness. Hence, the outcome of the multiple analyses techniques needs to be carefully analyzed in order to avoid limited or inconsistent content description. A system and method for bounded analysis of multimedia using multiple correlations addresses the issues related to richness and vastness of a multimedia content to enable describing of the multimedia content in a maximally consistent manner. Such a content description is very useful in the semantic characterization of multimedia.

U.SPatent # 8,068,677: System and method for hierarchical image processing

Video processing in general and image processing in particular is a very complex process. This is more so when the analysis is required to extract information from the images for providing of the same directly or indirectly to the users. This additional complexity is due to the direct competition with users who are used to analyzing of the images both syntactically and semantically. One of the ways to contain the complexity of image analysis is to exploit the domain semantics during image processing. A system and method to help in semantics based image processing involves the identification of one or more domain relevant semantic hierarchies and using of the same during image processing.

U.SPatent # 8,065,302: System and method for annotation aggregation

Annotations for a multimedia repository facilitate an efficient indexing, searching, and retrieval of the content from the multimedia repository. These annotations are an effective description of the content and it is very useful to have systems that automatically analyze the content to generate the annotations. A multimedia content, comprising video, audio, and textual data, is organized at shot level, scene level, segment level, multi-segment level, and full-length level. The multimedia content annotation is a providing of computer process-able description of the multimedia content. Due to the multilevel organization of a multimedia content, it is required to provide annotations at various levels as well. A system and method for annotation aggregation uses the annotation at a lower level to arrive at an annotation at the next higher level. Such multilevel annotations are very useful in applications such as targeted content delivery.

U.SPatent # 7,640,438: System and method for protected content rendering

The use of a variety of devices to render multimedia content is on the increase. It is important ensure that the content owners/providers get their share of return on investment in order to achieve the unlimited global distribution of content. However, illegal use of the delivered content could affect such a return on investment. One of the important requirements is to protect a content and allow for rendering of the protected content in an efficient manner on target devices. A system for protected content rendering involves ensuring that the unprotected content is not available for misuse.

U.SPatent # 7,574,406: System and method for maximizing video license utilization using billboard services

Key to overall video license utilization lies in a cooperative sharing of licenses between the different branch operators of the licenses before the expiry of the licenses. A branch operator has a region of operation and stimulating the demand for licenses that are about to expire across multiple regions increases the overall license utilization. Billboard service provides subscribers with information and facility to preview and select movies for viewing online and it provides an opportunity for branch operators and central operator to maximize the utilization of available licenses. Central billboard provides a platform for branch operators to submit and trade their surplus licenses while a local billboard that is part of a branch operator infrastructure helps create demand for such surplus licenses. Central billboard supports both regulated and unregulated pricing and trading thereby enhancing the chances of trading of licenses that are about to expire.

U.SPatent # 7,415,527: System and method for piecewise streaming of video using a dedicated overlay network

The main challenge in providing video on demand service is to meet the quality of service requirements under the conditions when both server and network are loaded. Disclosed is a system and method for meeting this challenge by using a streaming overlay network with edge and core nodes, by the determination of best possible path for bulk copying of a video data based on location information of the nodes thereby distributing load across the network, by the simultaneous frame streaming and bulk copying of a video data, by the caching of a video data in the overlay network, and by the streaming of the video data to a client from an edge node that is close to the client.


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