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Empowering Hybrid Workforces: How Tech Mahindra and Intel vPro® Collaborate to Enhance Performance and Security

Technology is rapidly advancing worldwide, and employees now have various options to connect to faster data connections, whether on-premises, via open Wi-Fi in public places, or through mobile hotspots. Advanced technologies that support 5G are already in use, but they may lack the latest security measures. Although they provide faster access to connected systems and services, they also pose a greater risk of data breaches by hackers due to less protection. Many organizations, such as hospitals and insurance companies, are utilizing chatbots, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to interact with customers and patients, providing information more quickly with minimal manual interaction. However, all the personal data collected and stored in the systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Challenges Faced by Companies in IT and Cybersecurity During Transition to Remote and Hybrid Work

Businesses today face unprecedented IT and cybersecurity challenges as they adapt new technologies and transition to remote workforces. Without the right tools to face these challenges, many businesses risk losing valuable time, revenue, and data.

We are witnessing attacks on various Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including virtual assistants and smartwatches. As everything is now interconnected, once hackers gain access to one device, they can also access other devices linked to your system. If the firmware of your devices is not secure, attackers can inject viruses onto it, thereby gaining access to your entire system. These security breaches pose a significant risk to your data. Moreover, there has been an increase in ransomware attacks, as well as attacks on government and military websites. Even new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not immune to security issues.

Leveraging Intel vPro® and Tech Mahindra Remote Endpoint Management Service to overcome business challenges.

It is important that we isolate any infected machines to contain the impact, but with a hybrid work model it’s not always possible to identify the machine to remove it from the network. However, with the help of Intel vPro®, IT can take control of the system remotely, even if it is powered off or an unattended Point of Sale (POS) machine connected to power, the machine can be quarantined to minimize the impact. We can also identify whether the virus is inside or outside the firewall.

Importance of Out-of-Band Management Support in Tech Mahindra's Remote Endpoint Management Service

Imagine a scenario where one of your employees is experiencing a hardware malfunction with their laptop, causing the operating system (OS) to fail to start up. Typically, the conventional response would be to dispatch a technician to the employee's location to resolve the problem. However, in this age of Generation Z, it's crucial to extend beyond just offering OS support for the benefit of your business continuity.

By using Intel vPro® Enterprise Platform devices with modern manageability tools like Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) and Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA), IT teams can securely manage devices inside and outside the firewall. Intel® AMT provides hardware-level remote manageability, allowing IT teams to fix issues related to the OS and below, such as network drivers, bit locker, and blue screen errors, regardless of the user’s location. This collaboration between Intel vPro® and Tech Mahindra offers an advantage to companies worldwide, especially those committed to reducing their carbon footprints. With reduced support travel and avoided device shipping, Intel vPro® and Tech Mahindra can contribute to sustainability efforts.

Remote Endpoint Management Solutions: Reducing Costs and Improving Productivity for Companies

In today’s world, everyone is connected through e-mail communications and collaboration, and laptops are critical for users’ productivity. Here’s one example: In the US, let’s say an organization’s vice president’s laptop is not working, and he’s working remote (not close to IT support). In this case the VP’s productivity loss could add up to $800 to $1,200. Then add the cost of sending an engineer out into the field and the costs add up quickly. With Intel vPro® remote management, IT can reduce those costs by identifying the issues before the field visit, and if a trip is required, be prepared to fix the issue in one visit. The Intel vPro® and Tech Mahindra solution enables IT to resolve the issue within an hour. You get a faster resolution, and the end user is up and running almost immediately, making a better user experience overall.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Remote Endpoint Management System for IT Teams

You want your remote management provider to see what the end user can see. Not all end users are IT professionals. They might not know how to log in, check the device’s serial number, or explain the issue. With Intel vPro®, we can log in to the device remotely even if the OS is not working and see exactly what the end user is experiencing. We can relate to them and resolve the issue, instead of frustrating or confusing them with too many questions.

Incorporating Tech Mahindra Remote Endpoint Management Service and Intel vPro® Programs and into Business Workflows

Tech Mahindra’s Flex Assist Offering can support clients in choosing the right device based on the user persona. We enable the cloud-based Intel vPro® remote management tool and allow for integration with all the leading ITSM tools. With this integration, the service agent only needs to log into one channel, and they can view the issue remotely from the same portal. The workflow and logs are also recorded right within ITSM tools, making the resolution process easier for everyone involved.

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