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Every interaction that an enterprise has — whether with customers, employees or users — creates an experience. This experience may be intended or accidental, positive or negative, but it always results in the generation of emotions. To quote Kevin Kelly, the renowned futurist and founding Executive Editor of Wired,

“Experience will become the new currency. We will create a Wikipedia of experiences, potentially available to anyone, anywhere, anytime."

We believe that this new era will be defined by the concept of ‘Disruption by Design’. At the heart of this is the use of design to humanize technology, bringing together digital innovations and physical space in ways that unlock new experiences for consumers and reimagine how we interact in commercial, social and business exchanges. Advancements in artificial intelligence will continue apace, heralding the dawn of what Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, has called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Automation and robotization will reshape the global economy over the coming decade, rendering millions of human jobs— and indeed professions—obsolete while creating or enhancing countless others.

At the Q2 result announcement, C P Gurnani, CEO & MD, Tech Mahindra, said, "With our DAVID (Digitalization, Automation, Verticalization, Innovation, Disruption) Strategy at play, we have posted reasonably good growth in the quarter across revenue, profit and new business. I believe that we are bridging the gap between experience and understanding quite well and are displaying agility to embrace changes and opportunities, across all the industries we serve."

And yet, as technology extends deeper into all areas of our lives, the human factor, and particularly emotional intelligence, will become more—not less— important. Augmented by new technologies and the support of AI, we will be able to perform better and work smarter than ever before, upgrading the capabilities of doctors, lawyers, teachers—and of course CEOs. To take advantage of this new wave of disruption by design, it is more important than ever for businesses to be transparent, agile and intuitive.

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Jagdish Mitra
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer I Head, Growth Factories

Tech Trends


Today, many firms struggle to master mobile basics, and for most firms, experiments into connected devices or broader digital ecosystems are just that — experiments. Today, consumers orchestrate their own digital experiences by choosing apps, finding websites, or opting in for messaging. Tomorrow, mobile will be a digital experience choreographer, creating blended experiences from an ecosystem of developers and vendors building on shared data to address mobile moments. These experiences will require a shift along three key dimensions:

Channel: From discrete apps to orchestrated ecosystems. Today, enterprises serve customers within their own apps or websites, which requires customers to download individual apps, install individual connected devices, and configure individual services.

Context: From consumer-provided to ecosystem-assembled. Today, companies rely on context or information that their customers have shared with them, such as location or preferences. Tomorrow, consumers will give trusted brands permission to harvest context (or data) from their ecosystem of connected devices, services, and sensors.

Construction: From hard-coded apps to dynamically assembled experiences. Today, developers build standalone websites and apps with hard-wired logic. In the future, developers will build content and metadata-tagged components and hand over access to third parties that will dynamically assemble the components into streamlined task flows based on user context.

Mobile Experiments

Source : The Future Of Digital Experiences, a May 2017 Forrester report

Quarterly results update Q2 FY18

Revenue up by

3.6% QoQ At $1179.2 Mn

PAT up by

4.4% QoQ At $129.3 Mn




active customers

added 21 clients this quarter

#UnlockExperiences for a Connected Future


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. The digital era is rewriting the rules of business. There’s little doubt that the connected future is taking shape faster than most businesses anticipated. The question remains – are we prepared for the new realities of this connected future? We at Tech Mahindra are committed to bridging the gap between today’s capabilities and tomorrow’s possibilities.

To manifest this transformation, we have identified our strategy across four key business and technology areas that are changing the way we work and live:

Connecting Networks of the Future
Designing Experiences with Internet of Things
Driving Business Velocity with DevOps
Creating Customer Experiences

  • Creating the foundation for a connected world by building intuitive Networks of the Future.
  • Designing Experiences with the Internet of Things by being the largest systems orchestrator in the world.
  • Driving Business Velocity by leveraging DevOps, AI and Automation to achieve higher velocity-stability to change faster while running better.
  • Orchestrating the interplay of design, digital and convergent experiences to deliver superior Customer Experiences

#UnlockExperiences for a Connected Future is our step towards bringing together future-ready solutions, platforms and ecosystems that will help organizations make giant leaps in their digital transformation journeys.

To this end, we have launched a Connected Futurist club on LinkedIn. This community comprises of global industry leaders, CXOs, thinkers, technologists, futurists, practitioners, analysts and advisors who will drive conversations around technologies that will shape the CONNECTED Future. Futurists like Ray Hammond, Jack Uldrich, Eric Garland along with Business & Technology Consultant like Dez Blanchfield and Tech Mahindra leaders like CP Gurnani are already there waiting to hear your perspective! Join us now for stories and perspectives that will deliver rich insights into digital disruption, how it’s shaping the future, the roles of future leaders, and how businesses, communities and people seeking a better tomorrow can Rise™ to the connected future.



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10th Annual CEO Council Meeting
November 13 and 14, 2017
Venue: The Four Seasons, Washington DC

In partnership with Tech Mahindra, WSJ announced its 10th annual CEO Council Meeting in D.C which will celebrate the powerful voices that have contributed to a decade of news making, debate and discussion at a very special Gala. This year’s agenda will focus on vital issues facing business today, including policy shaping taxes, education, technology, trade, healthcare, regulation and America’s role in the world. Membership is by invitation only.

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In The Future - The Tech Mahindra CME Summit
Date: December 4 and 5, 2017
Venue: Las Vegas – USA, Canada and LATAM

We at Tech Mahindra, are bringing together business leaders, innovators, thought leaders together on a platform that highlights the future of the Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment industries. An initiative that highlights disruption and transformation that these industries are undergoing and insights on how to transform businesses in a connected world, to better prepare for what is coming in the future.

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“ You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around. ’’

- Steve Jobs

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