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Who are We

Blue Marble, Tech Mahindra’s digital transformation framework. Based on microservices architecture along with 100% open source technologies, Blue Marble empowers Enterprises to Run Better and Change Faster.

Enabling The NXT

With the continuous ongoing disruption in this digital era, software is the key differentiator of performance to have a competitive edge in the market. Enterprises therefore, need to constantly innovate and provide innovation with the best customer experience to the consumers.

But the current systems are not designed to provide the necessary agility and have to be redesigned in order to drive applications with required efficiency. The question now is - Can Enterprises afford to initiate and have the expertise to be prepared for what’s coming NXT? A huge amount of time, efforts and money can be saved by using platforms that are specially designed to create modern applications that are agile and nimble. Thus, software led transformation not only gives an impetus but also makes the process faster and easier.

Tech Mahindra, being highly sensitive to the needs of Enterprises to go digital, has come up with its in-house software transformation framework. With our end to end framework (conception - development - deployment on cloud and CI/CD enablement), we catalyse the process for your software transformation while you focus on your core business.

The Real Transformation

Enterprises: By modernizing architecture, Blue Marble catalyses business growth and opens new avenues for business.

CIOs/CTOs: With loose coupling and better operations, Blue Marble enables faster time-to-market for continuous improvements and additions in features.

Technovators: The modern and agile architecture gives thought leaders the confidence to bring innovation and experimentation in their organization.

Tech Mahindra Differentiators

Consulting: Anchored on Tech Mahindra’s Strong blend of Domain specific and technical skills

Ready Repository of Reusable Standardized Services: Quick deployments with the help of niche functional services

Developer Bootstrap: Development efforts reduction by 40 to 50%

100% Open Source: Saving from Licensing cost and vendor locking

As a result enterprises and their teams become more focussed on the business functionalities and are able to provide better experience in lesser time and cost.

For further information please write to

For further information please write to