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Digital CPE

Traditional communication service delivery relied predominantly on deployment and management of on-premise equipment. While it was widely implemented and used by communication service providers (CSP) and their customers alike, it came with multiple complex proprietary hardware and supporting software platforms. This approach:

  • Limited the service provider’s ability to innovate and deploy additional services
  • Entailed huge investments on infrastructure and operations
  • Led to end users having little or no control to manage the existing services

SDN/NFV based solutions have enabled CSPs to radically transform their offerings to their B2B customers. Virtual CPE or vCPE has made it easier to get network services up and running within minutes unlike the traditional approach where it used to take weeks or months.

Software defined networks and network function virtualization has:

  • Enabled simplified rollout and network management for enterprises
  • Empowered service providers to create innovative services  to solve complex business problems with effective use of their infrastructure
  • Replaced proprietary CPE with a virtualization platform running on COTS hardware

Tech Mahindra, with over two decades of expertise in the B2B domain, has made strategic investments in SDN and NFV to create “Digital CPE” platform that enhances network services and enables CSPs to push cloud infrastructure and OTT applications in a unified way to end user.

Tech Mahindra Digital CPE enables a B2B enterprise to demand services, test applicability to their environment, and dynamically consume services on-the-go with the flexibility of utilizing the existing infrastructure investments.

Tech Mahindra Digital CPE is a matured, ready-to-market solution beyond a standard virtualized network service for service providers. The solution offers appropriate levers to onboard OTT services as well infrastructure services with the ability to bundle business solutions in a matured and managed fashion. The services built comply with:

  • ETSI MANO standards for network enablement
  • TOSCA for the cloud utilization

The offering enables services such as, Routing, Firewall, Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam, DPI, Content/URL Filtering, IaaS, Cloud Compute/ Storage, Contact Center & Voice/Video Collaboration (i.e. UCC). 


The main components of the offering are:

  • Smart Network Services: Host network functions in a cloud with hybrid network support
  • OTT Services: Enables cloud integration for IaaS with a provision for micro services and optional migration support
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services: Collaboration services with an option to repackage legacy services

Benefits unlocked by Tech Mahindra Digital CPE platform for a CSP:

  • It is built on an open platform with ability to include OTT services such as WAN acceleration, collaboration, application performance, software defined storage, etc.
  • Creates scalable infrastructure on bitpies for enterprises
  • Unified managed services model which is scalable and agile
  • Enables augmenting services on-the-go
  • Will help mid-market enterprises / SMBs to consume more infrastructure
  • Flexible Bundles – No incremental locking 
  • Highly Automated -  Drive more ‘Online Buying Behavior’  for SMB
  • Zero setup cost


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