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Tech Mahindra CUBES™

Integrated Suite for IT and Network Operations Automation powered by TACTiX

With digital transformation becoming a reality, IT needs to grapple with two priorities – invest in disruptive technologies while making the legacy technologies more efficient. The vast and diverse spread of data and technologies creates a huge challenge for IT. They struggle to analyze, anticipate and remediate infrastructure and applications effectively. 80% of IT infrastructure support is still people-dependent due to lack of automation. We’re starting to see a shift as automation is becoming a core driver of innovation, improved efficiency and agility for the business.

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Tech Mahindra CUBES™, powered by TACTiX (Tech Mahindra AI Platform), is a unified NextGen Managed Services Platform enabler for running IT Service operations and Service management. CUBES is a:

  • Web based platform
  • Multi-tenant uniquely integrated platform intends to address pain areas of Service operations

CUBES is one of the main platforms of the AQT (Tech Mahindra Automation Framework)

  • Improved cost saving up to 30-40%
    • Typically 30-40% reduction in operating support cost
    • Additional benefits in cost avoidance of ITSM tools and support
  • Improved IT Operations efficiency by 20-30%
    • Reduced MTTR
    • Higher productivity gains
  • Enabling Non- Linear Growth
    • Decoupling of labor from quantity of devices supported: Less labor intensive
  • Eliminating Risks
    • Reduction in human errors due to automation of repetitive tasks
    • Leverage knowledge base to reduce dependency on humans
    • Automation drives adherence to Standards & SLA Compliance

Tech Mahindra CUBES™ suite integrates the following functionalities:

  • CUBES Ticketing: CUBES leverages OTRS for Ticketing which offers not only a Help-Desk software and an IT Service Management software but also a Process Management Module that helps you map and automatize service processes, which will reduce process errors and optimize service efficiency
  • CUBES Infra Monitoring: CUBES has integrated Nagios for Infra monitoring which provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure
  • CUBES Application Monitoring: CUBES uses TAAM (Technology Agnostic Application Monitoring) for Application Monitoring which provides Technology agnostic Application monitoring, Central & Standardized view of application health with drill-down facility, supports historical trend analysis. It provides facility to send out email alerts based on threshold breaches
  • CUBES Knowledge Management: SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) serves as a framework for creating and maintaining the SOPs with the core purpose of centralizing all the SOPs at one place, so that any user can quickly refer the SOPs they need
  • Tech Mahindra CUBES Functionalities

  • CUBES SLA Analytics: CUBES uses SLAM (SLA Manager), a multi-user web-based reporting tool used to compare contractual Service Level Agreements against service delivery performance. It ensures that the service commitments made to customers are tracked and recorded against the defined Service Level Agreements. It also provides visibility on the performance of internal operational processes, teams and suppliers for management review and productivity analysis
  • CUBES Orchestrator: CUBES leverages ServiceNow Talend which provides ITIL-compatible incident management to minimize business impact through efficient incident recording and processing, an integrated CMDB for incident analysis and intelligent automation for rapid recovery
  • CUBES Service Improvement: CUBES uses CSIP (Continuous Service Improvement Plan), a web based tool that enables the organization to track improvement plans as outcome of continuous improvement which cater to each issues or problem areas identified, and monitor their progress till they are resolved or closed, and benefits are delivered. The progress on the improvement plans are periodically monitored and notified to users

It uses machine learning techniques to analyze data from a variety of sources and provides actionable intelligence. TACTiX:

  • Is a flagship AI platform for Digital transformation developed by Tech Mahindra Automation Framework AQT (Automation = Quality/Time)
  • Embeds cognitive capability into Digital and Automation use-cases
  • Is built using own IP, open-source, partner API and solutions from start-up companies
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