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Cloud Migration for Java

Tech Mahindra Application migration services are meant for helping customers redeploy their applications on newer platforms  and infrastructure. We see an increase in demand from enterprises in migrating their applications to the cloud. Migration to cloud provides a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure for deploying web-scale solutions with minimal support and administration costs, and a pay per use model.

  • Cloud advisory services for Application Assessment for Cloud
  • Platform and Application Migration Services
  • Reduction of overall Application costs leveraging optimization and self service capabilities of cloud platforms
  • Application Environment automation using Cloud Platform capabilities and tools such as Chef, Puppet
  • Assessment and Migrations Services for AWS (Amazon Cloud)
  • Application Assessment: Assessment of the AS-IS environment. Capturing application / Data center baseline data, analysing AS-IS and TO-BE architectural blueprints, infra & apps migration analysis, migration planning, recommend solutions, platforms and methods
  • Solution Modelling: Virtualized infra design, application tier specific designing and service modelling
  • Infra, Platform and App migration: Configuration of application tiers on Cloud, rebuilding the source code, libraries, applications, databases for target environment
  • Testing: Testing of application behaviour on Cloud, develop Cloud test cases / scenarios, functional and performance testing, scalability testing, failover / DR testing and performance tuning
  • Post Migration Deployment and Support: Addresses the phases of Staging and Production
  • Cloud assessment framework for application evaluation for Cloud Migration
  • Platform and Application Migration Framework for Cloud
  • Repository of Chef and Ruby scripts/recipes for automating environment setup
  • Checklists for pre and post migration testing
  • Capacity Planning aids for sizing of Infrastructure on Cloud
  • Commercial and Open source tools for application and environment assessment
  • Faster and accurate migrations based on Tech Mahindra’s cloud migration methodology and Tool based approach
  • Improved probability of right-first time
  • Cost and technology benefits of Economy of Scale
  • Agile and Automated Migration
  • Up to 40% savings in Application support costs leveraging cloud virtualization and on-demand scale up/down capabilities
  • Automation of environment set up for reducing delays and optimizing infra resources usage
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