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Tech Mahindra's Pega practice works with dedicated business and technology teams spanning key verticals like banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, Energy and other verticals. Our typical project team consists of support structure from the domain team that provides domain perspective to our solution and working hand in hand with client teams. A dedicated Pega Center of Excellence (CoE) supports our engagements, tracks the latest trends, and increases our competence to provide customer-specific solutions across domains.

Some of our industry leading solutions include

IIoT Insight to Action : End-to-End Business Process Orchestration for Connected Industries   

The innovative solution provides real-time orchestration across the entire end-to-end business process, while intelligently and in real-time guiding the internal users, suppliers, partners and things(assets) with the next best action using predictive/adaptive analytics , Decisioning and business rules. The resulting impact is seamless collaboration of people and things(assets) resulting in dynamic customer experiences and creation of differentiated business value for various stakeholders.  



Store, represent and manage provider information and relationships across locations, plans and networks. Streamline and ensure accuracy in credentialing, prospecting, new provider enrolment and provider information maintenance. Integrate to claims and fee systems and open new levels of operational visibility.         


Maximize returns on your CRM investments; enable underwriters to track requests in their workbench. Designed for Healthcare organization, our ‘Group Sales Solution’ helps automate the sales cycle process from opportunity identification to closure.        


Critically monitor every phase to fulfill regulatory requirements, audit compliance and performance assessment. Our solution reduces rework, retest and re-inspection and provides OOTB audit performance reports. Ensure a controlled and predictable launch of new products.        


A unique cross-functional solution that leads to rapid reduction in warranty costs, increased supplier recovery and reserves forecasting accuracy and improved cash flow. Pega and Tech Mahindra bring unparalled experience and expertise in delivering a global warranty management solution to Fortune 10 manufacturing major.        


Integrate the best of Pega’s Dynamic Case Management capability seamlessly with on premise and cloud content. TechMahindra’ s CONTENTify solution features integration solutions to Google Drive and This enables to integrate data easily and securely to and from the cloud.        


Evolve and build better relationships with your customers, re-think and operationalize your CRM. Leverage data, content, and knowledge in combination and create optimized processes. Create a flexible and dynamic infrastructure to deliver new age customer experience and get faster ROI on CRM Investments by seamlessly blending sales, service and operations.        


A predictive transaction analytics solution aimed at effective identification and management of pre-delinquent customers, accounts and portfolios with the fastest turn-around time. Ensure intelligent and comprehensive analysis using internal data complemented with external sources to derive Risk quotient and improve its applicability to customer delinquency management.        


A comprehensive client identification & on boarding solution that lays the foundation for integration of all customer profiling, due diligence, transaction screening, surveillance processes & systems enabling our customers enjoy faster & smoother on boarding lifecycles, provide configurable rules engine and scorecards to respond to regulatory changes in short time and address functional redundancy across customer life cycle.        


Telecom Service Providers (TSP), may face order fallouts in the magnitude of nearly 5-20%. This significantly impacts profitability, reduces NPS, reduces productivity as manual effort is diverted towards fixing the leakages.         

Tech Mahindra's Capio is a Retail Order Management BPaaS provides the features to reduce and automate order fallout by building automation to minimize manual intervention, Improve KPIs with analytics and flexible and adaptable configuration        


Each year it is estimated that an average business, especially those in industries like Retail or Manufacturing, spends between 25-35% on inventory costs alone. This percentage is likely to be higher for poorly managed businesses. For a Supply Manager it is a constant endeavour to strike the right balance between stockout and an overstock situation. The impact of the Supply Manager’s judgement errors can potentially drive up the working capital cost. Though there are advanced forecasting techniques used by organizations for inventory planning, a holistic solution that provides visibility across the supply chain is not adopted widely.        

Tech Mahindra presents an end-to-end supply chain management solution which enables integration and collaboration across the entire network, from suppliers to customers. It provides better visibility, optimization, real time analytics and improved customer satisfaction. The End-to-end Supply chain management solution uses Pega’s integrated environment to provide a unified platform for OEMs, Contract Manufactures as well as channel partners and customers to achieve the visibility, optimization and prediction.        

A preview of our other solutions


Integrated Warranty

Video - Integrated Warranty

End-to-end warranty management on Pega’s unified platform

Download detailed overview

Order Management

Video - Order Management

Management of orders from lead generation to closure

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Continuous Working Capital Reduction

Video - Continuous Working Capital Reduction

Application of Lean & Six Sigma methodologies leveraging Pega’s case management capabilities

Download detailed overview

Social Media for a Smarter Enterprise

Video - Social Media for a Smarter Enterprise

A comprehensive Social Media framework that combines NLP , analytics with Pega as the engagement platform

Download detailed overview

Service Lifecycle Management

Video - Service Lifecycle Management

Providing differentiated aftermarket services

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Wrap & Renew

Video - Wrap & Renew

Augment legacy, ERP & CRM investments with dedicated Pega extenders

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Decision Management

Video - Decision Management

Enabling a multichannel experience though Pega’s decision management capabilities

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New Business Automation for a Global Insurance Major

New Business Automation for a Global Insurance Major

Discover how we automated the business process of a Global Insurance Major.

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