Tech mahindra
Tech mahindra

Design Methodology

Tech Mahindra follows the User-Centred Design methodology, which uncovers the user's emotions and conceptual model, uses that to inform the structure and detailed design to the end-customer, and finally validates with actual users to ensure that it meets their growing needs and expectations.

The process consists of following phases -

  • Phase 1 - UX Strategy and User Need Analysis
  • Phase 2 – UX Design
  • Phase 3 – Design Evaluation
  • Phase 4 – UI Development and Testing

UX Strategy and User Need Analysis:

  • Definition of research scope: Understand the research requirements and suggest appropriate research tools.
  • Research design: Designing the right research techniques for the study and mapping the target group, sample sizing and using appropriate statistical tools for data analysis.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Conduct surveys, interviews and focus group to identify the existing gaps from targeted end user groups and study their needs.

Deliverables –

  • UX Report
  • Persona Design

UX Design

Design High level architecture makes our clients' sites self-evident, easy to navigate, and visually compelling. This structure is the foundation for design that has the potential of engaging users and helping meet business goals. Card Sort exercise will be conducted on the revised content inventory to achieve this milestone.

Detailed screen design follows naturally from the high-level architecture that makes the sites efficient and easy to navigate. Our team make sure that the designs fit the users' tasks, motivate them, and optimize screen performance. The focus is on creating a clear visual hierarchy, making content consumable and using the right interaction controls that map to your user’s conceptual model.

Create designs that are visually compelling with a visual language that makes the key pages relatable, prominent and inviting.

Deliverables –

  • High-level site flow illustrating the concept and scope of the site framework.
  • Interactive wireframe design of the high-level structure with an initial set of primary and some secondary screens demonstrating the relationship between the structure and its content.
  • Visual Themes and Mockup Design.

Design Evaluation

In this phase, we go back to the end-customers/ users of the product/services and test the new concept, eliciting from them their feelings around it, whether it is something they would be persuaded to use and if the design is adequate to achieve the business goals.

Deliverables –

Usability Test Report - A detailed analysis report with methods used, results and design recommendations.

UI Development and Testing

Once mockup design is done, we start the HTML5/CSS3 development to make mobile friendly website. The WCAG 2.0 compliance and industry best practices are used to make the website more compatible to the devices, browsers and accessibility guidelines.​

Case Studies

State-Of-The-Art Contact Centers For Enhanced Customer Experience

State-Of-The-Art Contact Centers For Enhanced Customer Experience

An American multinational financial services corporation specializing in retail brokerage that advises, originates trades, manages and distributes capital for governments, institutions and individuals with a standard of excellence needed an integrated architecture that could enhance customer experience at its contact support centers.

Drop-off to Take-off: Integrated through a unified system

Drop-off to Take-off: Integrated through a unified system

Discover how we provided an integrated solution to build a dynamic and world class airport in Asia.

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