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Data and Analytics for Retail & Consumer Goods

Run Better, Change Faster & Grow Greater in this Connected World by providing a Connected Experience. Consumer loyalty regained through personalized phygital experiences created by products & services offered at lightning speed wherever & whenever consumer desires.

As retailers bet high on private labels, consumer goods firms go directly to consumers and technology disruptors take on the dual role of a retailer & CPG player, everyone seems to be a competitor. We have connected

  • Online & offline retail through ‘StoreNXT’ - re-imagined physical stores ensure a uniform experience across channels
  • Experiences & emotions by differentiating & personalizing offerings through click & connect models. Delivers a seamless & contextualised shopping experience thereby ‘grAItify’ing consumers
  • Systems & processes through ‘FactoryNXT’, smarter factories with seamless information & decision flow, single integrated flow of data & efficient processes
  • Stakeholders across the value chain ‘unchAIn’ing visibility, traceability & insights through track & trace mechanisms

Tech Mahindra’s deep domain expertise & rich experience of Data and Analytics over 20+ years (dedicated centres of excellence for Digital, IoT, Analytics & Mobility) seamlessly address the following business challenges

  • Complex buying behaviour and emergence of New Age Customer
  • Absence of a single source of truth, consistent KPI definitions, near real time trend alerts
  • Marketing’s lack of awareness of customer sentiment until seen by Sales
  • Delay in information dispersal through the value chain. Merchants don’t get information fast enough to react to a difference between what they anticipate & what happens. Store operations & resource cost not optimised
  • Inability to offer special incentives to the best customers as they shop (delay in insight extraction has a flow-on effect on promotions for loyal customers)
  • Poor Supply Chain Visibility leading to loss in sale – shrinkage, OOS

Our Retail & Consumer Goods focussed Data and Analytics Platform & Service portfolio encompasses

  • Social media, influencer analytics, sentiment tagging for a large brewery in Europe
  • Customer acquisition & retention with agile decision making & action backed by a central, unified master customer data repository - secure, complete & unique for world's leading food service retailer serving 47 million customers each day from >30,000 restaurants in 119 countries.
  • Profit analysis for a leading global beverage manufacturer whose products sell in over 200 countries - assess the opportunity(volume & value) a client represents
  • Business activity management systems - Stock replenishment, book - stock reconciliation, supplier forecasting as part of MIS as a service for a leading food retailer that controls ~ 30% of UK market
  • Market basket analysis, direct marketing to cross and up sell products & services for one of the top 2 retailers in the world
  • Centralized demand forecast for an omni-channel enterprise. The optimised order process that reduces disposal cost & lost sale for world's largest operator, franchisor and licensor of convenience stores.

Our RCG service offering encompasses IPs such as/ has accelerators that

  1. PRISM - a comprehensive collaboration platform empowering self-service predictive insights through structured, accelerated method for managing the analytics project lifecycle
  2. iDecisions - a one stop shop for all Business Insight needs. Collects data from various sources - analyses, predicts, presents data insights – commands role based action from end user
  3. Supply Chain Analytics on cloud – Its end - end (automated) flow from source systems to dashboards covers all five pillars Plan, Source, Make, Deliver & Return. An IP based pay per use solution that lowers cap-ex and is available as an on premise & cloud implementation
  4. Horizontal accelerators such as Tactix (AI based framework for business, IT operations automation) and Hortonworks certified InfoWise (BI & IT RunOps Automation)
  5. unchAIns intelligent warehouses, transportation & logistics:
    • Anticipatory Logistics - predictive analytics for demand forecasting & inventory replenishment, senses inventory (of various ages & tags) across locations in real time, tracks stock cover & safety (with an eye on actual customer demand)
    • Optimizes distributors – Conducts supplier analytics, avoids maverick spend
    • Warehouse management systems – encompass shrinkage, spoilage monitoring
    • BI, compliance & performance reporting
  6. Reimagine Stores
    • Predicts product lifecycle by merging business insights with market intelligence through its revenue management optimization solution
    • Increases conversion, maximizes ROI through real-time insights. Optimizes prices, assortment, display (in-store space utilization, online category layout), branded discounts /cross-category promotions in real time using video, image, clickstream, competitor analysis thereby realizing higher revenue. Manages straightforward categories on autopilot & complex categories through AI recommendations based on historical, competitive, rule-based & scenario optimization.
    • Assesses the impact of ads using head tracking, gaze tracking & attention analytics
    • Conducts pre-post campaign analysis using surveys powered by AI conversational interfaces that effectively engage customers.
    • Forecasts & automates store replenishment using machine learning. This reduces OOS without increasing inventory
    • Manages omni-channel contact policy in real time
  7. Reward Loyalty
    • Attracts, retains & grows the most profitable customers - analyzes their behavior & personalizes digital store-front, offers to enhance their SOW
    • Mines their social media profiles, apps, engagement portals & mobile properties to understand their sentiment towards the brand, bolster engagement, predict & prevent churn

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AI Adoption to Revolutionize the Future of Business

AI Adoption to Revolutionize the Future of Business

Changing Landscape of BI & Analytics

Changing Landscape of BI & Analytics


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Infomate: Retain IT and business applications knowledge electronically & mitigate loss of human knowledge

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Resurgence of BI in Digital Ascendence

Resurgence of BI in Digital Ascendence
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