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ADOPT™ – Agile DevOps Platform


ADOPTTM stands for TechM’s Agile and DevOps platform. ADOPT solution provides the any business IT organization a platform to deliver on the IT transformation that has been promised for long to business. ADOPT is a collaboration approach which engages people and enables them to establish interaction of processes and integration of tools. ADOPT platform enables organization to deliver on the promise of agile by easing any limitations that might exist due to practices that have been followed by the operation organization.

ADOPT Features

ADOPT is extremely focused on shortening the overall delivery cycle

  • with focus on automation of all possible value streams including deployment automation
  • it suggests an approach of release readiness which includes ensuring quality of the output at every stage
  • it also encourages the long term view of creating just enough documentation which will enable business continuity
  • reduce risk of release because of fully automated release and frequent releases

The overall benefits that ADOPT has the potential to deliver are:

  • Continuous delivery as a service
  • Cloud ready allowing both development and deployment over the cloud
  • Seamless end to end integration of process and tools of the idea to deployment cycle including service simulation, environment provisioning and release automation
  • ADOPT platform comes with option of multiple native integrated tools and a open architecture allowing integration with existing tools
  • The integrated platform will be the center of action and information for stakeholders across the value chain right through from business till operations ensuring eliminating information silos

ADOPT platform helps to improve the following business metrics

  • Time to Market by ~15% to 20%
  • Improve efficiency by ~10% to 15%
  • Reduce cost by ~ 15% to 20%

Tech Mahindra advantage:

Home grown IP for Agile and Continuous delivery

AIM©: Agile Index of Maturity

  • Benefit: This tool provides insight into maturity of Agile practices within an organization. The tool can help users to self-evaluate their current state, identify a target value and can also capture values from earlier self-assessments too. It provides a consolidate view on 40 odd parameters which influences Agile maturity in any organization

ADCM©: Agile Devops Capability Model Assessment Tool

  • Benefit: This tool provides insight into capability of practices around continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous deployment. The tool can help users to self-evaluate their current state, identify a target value and can also capture values from earlier self-assessments too.

APT©: Agile Process and Tools

  • Benefit: MSAT has ready to use set of processes and tools which can used with organization specific customization. This will jump start the process documentation which is required even in Agile context. APT also follows the approach of guidelines rather than proposing new processes which reduces the change management issues.

KAT©: Kit for Agile Training

  • Benefit: This is a ready to use Agile training kit. KAT is a very interactive training tool kit with lot of experiential learning brought into it. The total training hours that KAT covers is upwards of 2 weeks covering various aspects of Agile practices
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