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ADOPT Framework


Currently the ADOPT platform is enabled using the Collabnet TeamForge platform which is extremely flexible and eager for new integrations

ADOPT is built on the sound principles of continuous delivery which focuses on establishing a flow, regular cadence and clean orchestration. ADOPT places equal importance to activities of the end to life and ensures that they feed into each other

Continuous Planning

For any organization to develop its own version of ADOPT, we propose a catalogue based step by step approach. Since organizations traditionally have three broad categories of team primarily around business, IT delivery and operations. Our approach is to integrate them through 3 sub process which form the end to end ‘Idea to Deployment’ process (I2D). I2D consists of

  • Idea to task (I2T) which is business dominated with participation from IT delivery and operations
  • Task to package (T2P) which is dominated by IT delivery with active contribution from business and operations
  • Package to deployment (P2D) which dominated by operations with involvement of business and IT delivery
  • Another important aspect is also the operate and optimize process which feedbacks into I2T process
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