Tech mahindra
Tech mahindra

Disruptive & Advanced Security Offerings to Cover Threat Landscape

Brand & Executive Protection

Proactive and preventative Brand & Executive Protection offered through our Digital Risk Monitoring

Threat Scorecard Rating

Threat Scorecard Rating, an innovative dark-web rating service that provides a view of the company’s confidential information uploaded on the internet & dark-web and potential vulnerabilities unknown to the enterprise

Hacker Attack Simulation

Simulate hacker attacks keeping continuously executing breach methodologies to proactively find the holes in your environment

De-identification of PHI/PII Data

De-identify PHI/PII data permitting unhindered and secure predictive analytics on the data; secure entire big data lake while allowing tenants to see their own data

Cloaking communication in critical assets

Cloak communication between critical assets to protect against Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) & DDoS

Protect against tampering & ransomware

Protect not only against theft but also tampering and ransomware in real-time through comprehensive Data & Endpoint Protection Platform

Mobile-first Security

Secure smartphones, tablets, applications, mobile fleets, and more through accurate detection of complex patterns using predictive cloud-based mobile security

Instantaneous Endpoint visibility

Instantaneously secure and manage millions of endpoints in seconds; gain visibility and control to make better decisions

Automated Phishing Response

Automatically detect and block email phishing attacks in real-time, with or without human intervention, followed by an enterprise-wide remediation response

Threat Hunting & Mitigation

Deploy unified threat protection with the best threat intelligence, threat hunting & mitigating

Honey-potting (Deception)

Detect, deflect, defeat cyber-attacks with algorithmically deployed unique deception traps, to initiate the kill-chain and threat hunting process

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication for real-time transaction security combined with user behaviour authentication & risk-based authentication

Cognitive Security Analytics

Cognitive security analytics to replicate human intelligence at machine scale with Natural Language Processing (NLP), and automated research, prioritization and remediation capabilities



Seamlessly address both malicious & inadvertent data/information exfiltration with a real-time dashboard view of the entire Enterprise and/or Cloud including GRC enforcement, DLP & SOC

Deception Disarmament & Reconstruction

Deception disarmament & reconstruction to process all files, analyse the content, and rebuild duplicate files with clean and sanitized content

Quantum Science based Security

Harness unique quantum science properties and cryptography to ensure data confidentiality through encryption based on Random Number Generation

OT Network Visibility

OT Network visibility for Industrial Control Networks in real-time

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