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Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The analytics cloud platform from is a powerful suite of analytics tools which help you to view and analyse your organization data accumulated over the period of time. The data can flow from your existing environment or any other external sources like EDW, excel, Oracle, SAP, Social or any other data source.

The data from the source is extracted to datasets and infinite combinations can be derived to generate insights. This business intelligence tool will help you to examine your organization data (be it CRM, sales or marketing information) in various possible combinations, display in dashboards and generate business insights for better decision making. This is an industry independent and scalable tool which can help you analyse your organization data.

Coupled with the shorter deployment cycles, at Tech Mahindra we help you build data store that allows UI Level mashups from various sources using this mobile ready analytics cloud platform.

Now the organizations can utilize the powerful analytical query engine in the cloud to dynamically create dashboards independent of the datasource and view using this mobile ready solution.

Based on the preference of the business users, the dashboards are adapted and right data is presented for better decision making. User intuitive dashboard development model will enable business users to extend, change and create new dimensions for analysis. The reports can be easily shared for better collaboration and efficient decision making.

With the exponential growth in the volume of data, this cloud based analytical solution will enable you to get business answers based on the new or existing question dimensions.


Solution highlights

Key Highlights of saleforce analytics cloud

  • Simple and scalable datastore
  • Business intelligence from multiple sources
  • Powerful analytical query engine to generate reports out of billions of rows
  • Adhoc discovery for business users
  • Mobile ready
  • Collaborative
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