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Automated Lead to Order with Sales 360

While simplifies the life of sales people and gives them an excellent User Interface for managing their leads, opportunities and accounts, there is a slip when it comes to generating quotes and pricing them.

Sales360, a comprehensive CPQ solution by Tech Mahindra is targeted at Sales and Product managers in the Telecom, Hi-Tech and Medical Devices industries and makes life easy for sales people in terms of quoting, pricing, discounting and approval matrix. Built on the platform which is fully native to, it covers the entire spectrum of Lead-to-Order-Capture-Process. Sales360 allows the sales process to be managed with a single view and gives the entire coverage of an account on a single page.

Due to the selection of products available for the end user in the above industries, configuring products manually could be time consuming and prone to errors. Sales360 gets rid of these complexities and streamlines the sales process for simplified use.

Solution Features

The solution comprises of five pillars, each representative of a key process area for the sales process enablement

  1. Product catalog management
    • Define Product hierarchy
    • Define Product and attribute mapping
    • Define Offers, Promotion and Bundles
    • Product availability
    • Cardinality features
    • Maintain product lifecycle
  2. Product and price matrix
    • Dynamic Pricing
    • Attribute driven pricing
    • Bundles, offers, promotions pricing
    • Configurable pricing features
    • Location based pricing
  3. Opportunity management
    • Sales Pipeline management
    • Ready frameworks for serviceability, feasibility, credit check and qualify address checks
    • Wizard Driven Opportunity to Quote journey
    • Product basket for product configuration and discounting
  4. Quota management
    • Quotation and Contract Management
    • State models for Quote lifecycle management
    • Approvals and Discounting workflows
    • Revise Quote capability
    • Quick Quote capability for fast-track Quote Journeys
  5. Order management
    • Single click Quote to Order conversion.
    • Order State machine for Order lifecycle management Capability to enhance and configure the product basket at
    • Order level, Quick Order capability for Fast-Track Order Journeys.

Business benefits

  • Improved User Experience – 50 % increase in CSAT
  • Reduced sales cycle; Faster quote generation
  • Sales users can generate quotes themselves instead of relying on backend team
  • Completely automated Lead to Order generation process on the SFDC platform
  • No additional license cost
  • No overcrowding of the IT landscape
  • Omni channel enablement will help extend the solution to partners/resellers
  • Overall TCO Reduction – 50 % reduction!
  • Reduced Errors & Business Validation
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