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Predict and Prioritize for Accelerated Sales with Funnel Vision

“Funnel Vision” is a predictive analytics solution by Dxcontinuum in partnership with TechMahindra. It is a cloud-based solution that operates within your CRM or marketing automation environment. Funnel Vision predictive analytics drives focus by prioritizing leads and opportunities where your team should spend more time - and those where they shouldn’t. Using just your CRM data, it can deliver results with uncanny precision. Our predictions are never less than 85% accurate, even when your data is dirty or incomplete.


  • Real-time predictive scores on opportunities most (and least) likely to close.
  • Predicted closing price points for more accurate forecasts.
  • Cut-off scores clearly defining the point between wins and losses.
  • Detailed reason codes, indicating factors influencing predictive outcomes.
  • APIs and embedded ETL functionality to consume data from any structured source.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface embedded within CRM or marketing automation system.


  • Quick deployment from Tech Mahindra seasoned Salesforce consultants
  • Secure, high availability cloud solution
  • More than 85% predictive accuracy
  • 25% increase in revenue
  • 20% reduction in field selling cost
  • 50% reduced ramp up time for new sales personnel answers to customers within the box
For further information please write to

For further information please write to