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Media & Entertainment: CRM Transformation

Preface: The customer is a Hi-tech Media Tech Major specializing in digital audio and video solutions. The Customer Operations CRM project initiative is part of the transformation project which was undergoing to integrate as one company with one mission in an effort to enhance the customer experience.

Biz Drivers

  • CRM Sales Functionality and Data for Quote Management process distributed across different systems. (e.g. ODS, SAP): part of the process was offline
  • Inconsistent programs and processes within & across geographies.
  • Limited systematic workflow & approval tracking for quotes
  • Delayed and erroneous quotes led to loss of business / revenue leakages and delays in order processing
  • Inefficiency in Customer Service processes


  • Sales & Marketing Management functionality rolled out to streamline business processes
  • Customized Quote to Order application with Product catalog, Pricing & Quote management
  • Custom Account Management process using delivered.
  • Implementation of enhanced Case Management functionality
  • Workflows for Territory Management & complex Approval process for Quotes
  • Integration with SAP through WebMethods (for Accounts & Quote)


  • Globally standardized platform for automated Quote to order process: Integrates data from multiple systems in real-time
  • Eliminates manual processes, improved collaboration and productivity between sales and finance departments and with partners
  • Faster and accurate response to customer requests
  • Flexible application to rapidly accommodate business process changes

For further information please write to

For further information please write to