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Global Enterprises, both large and small, are benefiting from the rich applications available on Tech Mahindra, with its vast experienced pool of consultants, is helping these enterprises find quick and effective ways to configure, adopt and transform their business, leveraging the power of

Tech Mahindra’s proven project management methodology has helped large global conglomerates successfully transition from legacy application stacks onto the flexible and innovative Platform. is part of a larger practice encompassing Content, User Experience and Process Management which deals with all the front office functionalities that enhances customer experience across all channels. This provides us a great and unique ability to handle customer situations and provide end to end solutions touching all aspects of a software implementation, involving UI, Content, Integrations and Process Automation.

At Tech Mahindra, our certified consultants are specialized in

  • Laying a roadmap for CRM Transformations
  • Architecting, Legacy to Cloud Migrations
  • Devising strategy for Application Rationalization
  • Increasing User Adoption & reaping higher ROI
  • Creating independent Test Factory for Quality Assurance
  • Providing Operational Support & Administration
  • Laying a foundation for harnessing Social Media Content
For further information please write to

For further information please write to