Tech mahindra
Tech mahindra

Technology Solutions

Technology has given an edge to the learning services we provide. It has made it possible for us to deploy our online trainings on various platforms, enhance learning through collaborative approaches, and integrate our service offerings with client technologies.

We implement out-of-the-box and customised learning and learning content management systems that set the environment to facilitate better learning and performance.

Our Implementation and Integration services include:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
  • Virtual Collaboration Suites (AT&T Connect, Centra, etc.)
  • Collaborative Learning Portal (Web 2.0 enablement, Podcasting, Wikis)
  • Integration of HRMS / LMS / LCMS / PMS / TMS Reporting server / Mail Server / Virtual Collaboration suites / Other legacy systems

Collaborative and social learning platforms on Cloud and easy integration with HRIS have also been possible due to our deep technical knowhow.

As part of mobile solutions, we have developed expertise in mobility infrastructure and platforms, enterprise mobility applications, system integration, delivery and tracking of mobile content, and content distribution and delivery.

We have expertise in all of the leading LMS and Talent platforms including :

  • SABA
  • Success Factors
  • Sum Total
  • Moodle
  • Moodle+
  • SharePoint LMS

Knowledge management is the systematic management of an organisation's knowledge assets for the purpose of creating value and meeting tactical & strategic requirements; it consists of the initiatives, processes, strategies, and systems that sustain and enhance the storage, assessment, sharing, refinement, and creation of knowledge.

We also implement Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) that delivers an effortless digital experience with knowledge search, authoring, content and a complete guided solution across mobile, non-mobile and other connected devices.

With expertise in end-to-end implementation of the knowledge system, following are some key points about the offering:

  • Architectural design and layout of the complete knowledge management system using KANA enterprise
  • Complete customisation of the KANA enterprise product as per customer needs and requirements
  • Experience in performing complete groundwork for environment configuration, functional processes, technical code layout, knowledge taxonomy layout, knowledge content layout, etc.
  • End-to-end deployment services based on quality assurance methodologies to make sure implementations are completed on time.
  • Experience to provide a strategic view on the further development of knowledge management systems and practices in order to support the work and development of the organisation into the future.
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