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FixStream Meridian™

Applications are the lifeline of every enterprise and the financial health depends on it. But virtualization and cloud, while increasing agility and cost efficiency, reduce control and visibility and lead to performance, compliance & availability issues.  To gain from these new capabilities a new application perspective to look at you cloud operations is requisite.

Tech Mahindra has acquired a strategic stake in San Jose based firm, FixStream. This investment has been made in order to differentiate Tech Mahindra’s managed services capabilities in terms of service quality and service assurance. It provides enhanced capabilities in the area of IT operations analytics (ITOA) impacting our ability to deliver proactive & efficient services to our customers.

FixStream Meridian™ is an advanced cloud operational analytics platform focused on business.  It builds actionable intelligence from the vast amount of data stored in the cloud application infrastructure.

Our stakeholders include IT Operations and Technology Savvy Business leaders wanting actionable insight around how applications and infrastructure are working together.

Built for Enterprise and Service Provider IT.  Supports legacy and virtualized environments, multi-tenancy out of the box with OpenStack support coming soon.

Our unique differentiation is around creating deep awareness of the location, health and performance of each specific application and its associated infrastructure resources inside and across cloud data centers.

Analytics and Visualization Flow 

FixStream offers “Meridian Flow2Path Analytics and Visualization Platform for Business Focused IT Operational Analytics”. Meridian provides near real time correlation, analytics and visualization across legacy and modern SDN and OpenStack orchestrated environments. Meridian auto discovers all application services and physical and virtual infrastructure resources in the environment.

This provides a highly automated way for users to build tops-down hierarchical groups of application and infrastructure resources focused on specific business and operational priorities. An interactive map is built that allows the user to zoom from the highest global view to the lowest level in just a few clicks. It shows where each application service is running, pinpoint traps and blind spots  providing the baseline for more advanced infrastructure optimization, performance monitoring and machine learning capabilities.

FixStream Meridian 

How is Meridian Different from other Solutions?

  • It gathers and correlates data from many different sources to ensure richness of perspective
  • The open Ingestion approach enables quick integration with existing management tools
  • It’s near real time which is more effective than manual look back
  • It runs completely in software with no special hardware
  • It’s non-invasive with no taps or agents which put a load on the system and require continual updates
  • It runs inside each data center to minimize security concerns    

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