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sIMS- Smart IT Management Services

In this digital era characterized by accelerating changes, enterprises are struggling with the following IT management challenges:

  • Multiple IT management tools operating in silos. On-going management of these tools is too time-consuming, risky, expensive, and complex leading to constant chaos, fire drills, and wastage of time.
  • Pervasive computing (hosted, on-premise or cloud) adds to the existing complexity of IT management environment increasing the cost of IT operations and service management.
  • Need of organizations to analyse, anticipate and remediate infrastructure and applications health over hosted, on-premises or on traditional Data Centers.
  • Around 80% of the activities in IT Operations are procedural and repetitive. IT Operations is still people centric owing to lack of automation.
  • 80% of outages impacting mission-critical services are caused by people and process issues, and more than 50% of those outages are caused by change/configuration/release integration and hand-off issues. These outages result in revenue and productivity losses.
  • Upcoming IoT deployments will generate large quantities of data that needs to be processed and analysed in real time. This will increase workloads of data centers, leaving providers facing new service management and operational challenges.

sIMS is a Unified and Flexible IT service and operations management platform, from traditional IT management to Intelligent Management Platform of Things. sIMS is a next generation management platform which:

  • Reduces operational complexities with single management interface
  • Eliminates cost with customizable automation packages
  • Improves IT service and operations management with In-Built best practices
  • One platform supporting applications, infrastructure and things

sIMS- Smart IT Management Services 

sIMS Engagement Model

sIMS managed element services

sIMS Integration Services

sIMS optimisation and automation services

This provides the entire sIMS platform managing the defined elements. The financial model is on per managed element, pay-as-you-go basis. It includes deployment and managed services of the entire platform of defined elements

This is the cost of implementing and managing individual sIMS components based on integration points and interfaces

This specific component in sIMS services can be offered in a flexible financial model like outcome based, process based or professional services only

Solution Benefits

  • Elimination of upto 50% of the existing cost spent towards service and operation management of the IT environment.
  • Improved service and operations management cycle time upto 60 % from current level.
  • Plug and play architecture to service customised requirements and building on existing investments.
  • Application availability time can be improved up to 70%.
  • Multi-tenant environment leading upto 10-15% improved operational efficiency.
  • We have pre-built customizable automation templates for approximately 1400 business and 150 IT processes and sub-processes.
  • Integrated service bus delivers an easy–to–use unified platform enabling users to manage and control the entire IT Infrastructure.
  • Ability to scale infrastructure elements without a proportionate increase in the support resources.
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