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The Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize a lot of things. Nowhere will it be more pronounced or significant than in the world’s factories. The IoT already plays a substantial role in the world’s industries and factories. The smart factories of the future will be a product of IoT, automation and IT working together - connecting equipment, eliminating silos, exploiting data and taking automation to a whole new level. Considering the multitude of equipment, protocols and technologies in today’s manufacturing environments, the solutions lie at the convergence of OT and IT to create a truly smart, connected factory.

Welcome to the world of Connected Factories.

Tech Mahindra’s Connected Factories solutions power the smart factories of the future with never seen before industrial productivity, efficiency and predictability.


A lot of IoT implementations must work with and on top of existing equipment and enterprise systems. It is important that there is a framework that can enable data sharing and communication irrespective of the protocols currently used. The framework must be readily adaptable to multifarious industries and applications with minimal cost implications.

Tech Mahindra’s IoT enabled framework, called the Connected Engineering framework, is platform agnostic and can be leveraged to deliver a range of connected services across industries. The platform features a layered Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems and platforms using both protocol adaptors and application level adaptors.

Tech Mahindra’s solutions for Connected Factories and Connected Equipment connect a variety of sensors, PLCs, robots and Digital Control Systems through the Connected Engineering framework. The framework enables the acquisition of data from all the connected sources. With built in analytics and enterprise system integration, the solution offers real time intelligence and data for improved productivity and OEE.

Tech Mahindra delivers a range of connected engineering solutions for connecting the factories of the future. Our solutions can be deployed across manufacturing environments, industrial equipment, machinery and components and power generation, connecting them and leveraging their connectivity for tangible improvement in operational parameters. We offer solutions across the entire IoT value chain, including:

  • Sensors, sensor enablement and integration
  • Gateway and interoperability solutions
  • Remote portals
  • Predictive analytics
  • Mobility solutions
  • Control, Automation and MES Integration

The following sections detail some of our solutions and implementations.

The Track & Trace solution brings connectivity, traceability, automation and remote management to the shop floor. Track & Trace takes automation and control to a new level in the shop floor, by connecting your power tools and making them smarter.

How It Works?

  • Track & Trace connects every tool on the shop floor so that you know the location of any tool to an accuracy of 30 cm. Tools constantly send information about their location, which is recorded and stored.
  • Since all tools are connected, every tool can be remotely programmed and provisioned for specific tasks. As the location of each tool is known, the solution deploys the required program to the tool, automatically. The tool performs the programmed action, with zero human intervention from program to completion.
  • Sensors in the tool are designed to record key parameters such as rpm or torque. The data is stored in a central database.
  • Analytics on the stored data provide insight on key parameters, such as how much force was applied to a particular screw. This data is invaluable to ensure quality and conformance to stringent regulations.

Key Benefits

  • Complete integration within the factory floor
  • Complete traceability and programmability for all your tools.
  • Complete measurability and controllability because all actions performed by the tools and their parameters are recorded and stored
  • Secure solution architecture for complete safety
  • Create opportunities for new business models such as Tools as a Service that lower CapEx
  • Zero defect and early fault detection for quality assurance
  • Support for new, flexible assembly processes



Tech Mahindra developed and deployed a Connected Factory solution for a tractor manufacturing plant. The solution connected all shop floor equipment with MES/ERP systems in multiple plants for improved OEE. It enabled real-time monitoring of critical performance parameters. The solution delivered:

  • Improved overall production efficiency
  • Complete manufacturing traceability
  • Reduced maintenance costs and low total cost of ownership
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Reduced labor costs

We believe the biggest impact of IoT will be in the smart factories of tomorrow and Tech Mahindra brings decades of expertise in automation, connectivity, communication and mobility to develop future ready solutions for the world’s factories.

Improve the productivity, efficiency and traceability of your industrial processes and equipment with Tech Mahindra’s Connected Factories and Connected Equipment solutions and services. For more information, email us or contact us here.

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The Manufacturing Value Chain of the Future

The Manufacturing Value Chain of the Future


Connected Factories

Connected Factories

Shorten innovation cycles and improve industrial productivity and predictability with IoT powered Connected Factories.

Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Connected Manufacturing for your shop floor with IIoT.

TechM IES Solution Remote Services Platform

TechM IES Solution Remote Services Platform

Remote Services Platform for monitoring and maintaining remotely installed equipment and assets.

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