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Fleet Management Solution

Logistics and related costs account for 45% of city traffic. Additionally, a major part of the cost of a fleet operation can be attributed to fuel, driver wages, maintenance and tires. This is where Telematics based Fleet Management Solutions can help.

Telematics plays a vital role in developing innovative solutions for efficient supply chain logistics and fleet management. Telematics provides real-time visibility and data to optimize procedures and processes, maintaining product integrity, optimizing shelf-life, reducing losses and insurance risk across the supply chain. It is a critical component in commercial logistics and supply chains because it addresses key challenges related to safety and regulatory compliance, driver monitoring, insurance and infrastructure.

Tech Mahindra’s deployment and Managed Services for fleet management can significantly improve the operational metrics of your fleet. Our Fleet Management Solutions are demonstrating great value for our customers across the globe on parameters such as improved productivity, reduced overtime, reduced fuel expenses, increased vehicle utilization, reduced idling time, etc.

FMS Capabilities 

Our Connected Trucks solution is an end-end Telematics based Fleet Management Solution that can be customized for multiple types of commercial vehicles. The fleet management solution leverages capabilities in mobility, telematics, big data and analytics to deliver comprehensive benefits for fleets, irrespective of their size. It connects ‘in-vehicle’ telematics with existing enterprise platforms for a seamless user experience. The TCU agnostic fleet management solution can be deployed across industries for multiple purposes, delivering a host of benefits to fleet owners and operators.   

Fleet Management for Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

Our RMC Solution is an end-to-end solution that addresses all aspects of RMC supply chain management from order management, job scheduling, routing to complete monitoring of the processes – from loading of the concrete mix into the Transit Mixer (TM) to delivery at customer site and return of the TM to the plant. The solution assures the quality of concrete through timely delivery and assurance on drum rotation speeds and water levels.   

The RMC Fleet Management Solution can deliver a 10-15% reduction in delivery times at 25% lower costs.

Fleet Tracking

The Fleet Tracking solution enables the safety of the fleet and driver, time-saving due to intelligent navigation, compliance with government regulations on driver hours, productivity improvement, asset utilization, etc. reducing downtime, ensuring safety of goods, temperature control, and reducing the life cycle cost of asset. The solution effectively utilizes the fleet as well as the drivers and is particularly relevant in trucking and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) companies. The solution includes a variety of reports and updates and alerts for real-time monitoring of fleet location, performance and availability.   

Our implementations have demonstrated a 37% Increase in fleet performance, with improved driving behaviour and a 20% reduction in operational costs through automated maintenance scheduling and real time analytics.

Goods Tracking

The solution integrates GPS tracking hardware, temperature sensors, hall-effect sensors, pressure sensors, RFID, drum rotation sensor, water added sensor, wash-out sensor, immobilizer and external sensors like door sensors to provide end-end visibility of goods throughout the supply chain. The solution enables the tracking of delivery schedules and prevents theft, hijacking and damage.

Connected Trucks 

The Connected Trucks solution offers multiple benefits for fleet operators:   

  • Improved fuel efficiency by monitoring vehicle routes and analysing vehicle and driver performance parameters such idling, acceleration, braking, etc.
  • Better safety for the driver and vehicle through geo-fencing, real time tracking, alerts and notifications, automatic emergency assistance, breakdown assistance.
  • Streamlined maintenance planning based on analytics rather than periodic scheduling.
  • Improved productivity, accountability and transparency from the fleet.
  • Data driven driver behaviour monitoring and education.
  • Easier compliance with government regulations and guidelines.

Let Tech Mahindra’s comprehensive Connected Trucks and Fleet Management solutions and applications help you improve the operational metrics of your fleets. For more information, email us or contact us here.   



Telematics based solutions for commercial vehicles for improved logistics, safety and compliance.

Fleet Management solution for efficient ready mix concrete distribution while ensuring quality.

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Tech Mahindra Fleet Management Solution

Tech Mahindra Fleet Management Solution

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