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Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

The world’s industries and factories play an imperceptible, yet important role in all our lives. The fuel that power our cars, the materials that make our things, the electricity that powers our appliances and the equipment that diagnose our medical conditions are all the outcome of industrial processes. An extraordinary array of equipment and machinery power these processes.

Even minor problems can lead to shutdowns of several hours, which could have far reaching ramifications.

This is especially true for critical equipment.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

It is essential that mission critical equipment have 100% uptime. Unplanned shut downs and maintenance can create a domino effect across the entire value chain, affecting production and disrupting supply chains. Such unplanned shut downs can be difficult to manage, especially if the equipment is situated in hard to access locations. There are significant cost implications for all unplanned shut downs.

Therefore, it is mandatory that High Availability is assured for critical equipment.

Solutions such as Tech Mahindra’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics can guarantee uptime for critical equipment.

Tech Mahindra’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics leverage connected technologies such as networking, analytics, mobility and the cloud to constantly monitor critical assets and run analytics to ensure availability.

  • Tech Mahindra’s solution features a Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Bridge that acquires data from sensors. The bridge integrates a communication gateway to transfer the acquired data to cloud based storage or data centers using a variety of wired and wireless interfaces. The bridge is equipment and protocol agnostic.
  • A variety of critical parameters such as machine vibration, temperature, process parameters, servers, data communication and instrumentation are continuously monitored real-time.
  • The acquired data is processed by an Automated Analytics platform that includes a configurable dashboard for defining profiles, parameters tag rationalization and rule based analytics. The integrated online and offline analytics features a variety of analytical models to identify potential problems for Preventive Maintenance.
  • The platform is coupled with Knowledge Based Diagnostics that can identify Root Causes and perform comprehensive Impact Analysis to provide recommendations and solutions.

The Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics solution is designed to enable automation. It integrates with enterprise systems and supports automation for a variety of functions such as Field Force Management, Customer Support and more.

The Tech Mahindra Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics solution also streamlines the monitoring and management of critical equipment. It includes multiple security, access, event monitoring, incident management and mapping features such as:

  • GIS mapping
  • Asset Management Database
  • User Access Management
  • Alerts and Event Management
  • Alarm Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Issue resolution management and ticketing workflows

Tech Mahindra’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics solution is built on our extensive engineering expertise coupled with our matured IT practices and comprehensive product development know-how to manage your mission critical equipment. We have core abilities in every aspect of Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics including data acquisition, communication, engineering, gateway solutions, storage and analysis.

Tech Mahindra’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics solution and services are designed to provide assurance on a variety of Critical to Quality factors.

  • Installation and configuration of the entire Machine to Machine and networking backbone
  • Integrate with your process and control equipment such as PLCs and DCS
  • Deployment and post deployment testing and validation
  • Manage operations with 24 x 7 live monitoring of assets and equipment for faults 24x7, addressing events and alarms
  • Manage alerts and track operational metrics to ensure your critical equipment remain available
  • Perform periodic machine condition audits and update machine health records in the Knowledge Based Diagnostics repository to keep it progressive
  • With our comprehensive solution and operational support, we deliver significant operational efficiency and improved uptime and predictability.

Tech Mahindra’s Equipment Monitoring and Diagnostics solution was deployed to remotely monitor a steam turbine. The solution features:

  • Real-time Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics for steam turbines in the field
  • Integrated Historian to display raw data
  • Integrated system health portal
  • Dashboards for visualization, statistical analysis and customization
  • A rule health check automation tool

The solution delivered a 90% person-hours reduction because of automation and remote management compared to manual processes.

Tech Mahindra’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics solution and services are designed to provide assurance on a variety of Critical to Quality factors such as High Availability, Predictive Maintenance and Low Mean Time to Repair for all your mission critical equipment. For more information, email us or contact us here.


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