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Domain Solutions & Use Cases (Telco)

Telecom operators who can ingest and explore massive unstructured data have a lot to gain. This would enable them to rapidly introduce new capabilities such as location-based services, intelligent marketing campaigns, next best actions for sales and service, social media insights, network intelligence and fraud detection to significantly reduce cost and increase revenues.


Solutions We Offer

 - Customer Experience Analytics

Customer Experience Analytics

​Increased investments and critical focus on network operations are being driven by ever increasing data traffic.

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 - Call Drop Analysis

Call Drop Analysis

Call Drops have a major influence on the perception of the customer on the Quality of Service offered by Telco.

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 - Networks ROI

Networks ROI

Improvement in customer experience due to investments on network often takes a long time to manifest.​

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 - Network Inventory Alignment

Network Inventory Alignment

In an increasingly competitive market, a crucial factor to ascertain a Telco's adaptability lies in accurate alignment of it's inventory​

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 - Order Management

Order Management

Telecom Service Delivery order journey process involves multiple teams responsible for their individual tasks.​

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 - Warehouse Rationalization to Hadoop

Warehouse Rationalization to Hadoop

As the volume, velocity and variety of data stretches the processing, capabilities grows exponentially. ​

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 - Billing Transformation

Billing Transformation

Right-fit billing is one of the primary steps in keeping the enterprise customers satisfied.​

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 - Inter-connect Routing

Inter-connect Routing

It is of utmost importance for the host Telco to route customer calls through the most optimal and cost-effective route.

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 - Revenue Assurance through Correct Billing

Revenue Assurance through Correct Billing

Regulatory agencies around the world mandate Telcos to maintain an agreed % of credibility in the bills generated to subscriber usage of their services.​

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 - Contact Centre Analysis

Contact Centre Analysis

A typical Telco contact centre infrastructure may serve over 1.5–2 million calls per day. ​

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