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Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Remote Patient Monitoring solution enables monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings (e.g. at home), which helps to increase access to healthcare facilities at lower costs. We have developed an end-to-end Remote Patient Monitoring offering leveraging our expertise in Big data and Cloud. Remote Patient Monitoring is rapidly being adopted by Hospitals/Health care providers across the globe and our solution is unique in this space with an end-to-end service offering. Widespread Remote Monitoring can cut healthcare costs by billions. This solution provides access to wider geographical areas including under-served locations. It gives access to specialty care and brings down the cost of treatment and time of travel for rural and semi-urban populations. Remote monitoring detects problems earlier, which means better outcomes and less Hospital time.


  • Sensors on a device that is enabled by wireless communications to measure physiological parameters
  • Local data storage at patients’ site that interfaces between sensors and other centralized data repository and/or healthcare providers
  • Centralized repository to store data sent from sensors, local data storage, diagnostic applications, and/or healthcare providers
  • Diagnostic application software that develops treatment recommendations and intervention alerts based on the analysis of collected data
  • Depending on the disease and the parameters that are monitored, different combinations of sensors, storage, and applications may be deployed
  • BSG services for data interpretation and  data analytics

Devices: Medical devices and wearable devices

Benefits for End Users

  • Reduced healthcare expenditure by avoiding extended hospitalization, reduced travel, lesser doctor appointments etc.
  • Reduced trauma, stress and strain of staying at medical facilities for longer periods as patients lead close to normal life while the device is fitted for specified time periods for recording medical data
  • Round-the-clock high-quality monitoring at fraction of costs

Benefits for Hospitals

  • Additional revenues without admitting patients
  • Lowers cost of healthcare as ALOS, hospitalization episodes, readmission rates, etc., are reduced due to timely detection of patient clinical data abnormality and quicker medical intervention
  • Can be used for clinical trials during new drug discovery
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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring
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