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As we move from brick and mortar to virtualized on-demand online resources, the focus is shifting to make IT businesses more agile by transforming the traditional methods of delivering services to Enterprise. Tech Mahindra is offering ground breaking technology on virtual network solutions to our customers in order to enable an agile platform for on-demand network functions in-line with changing business needs.

AT&T FlexWareSM is a modernized virtual network model that will enable you to rationalize the network footprint in your offices, warehouses, private cloud and also connect with external network providers and third parties securely. The platform will enhance your network connectivity with technologies like SDWAN, rationalize the foot print of network services by reducing the number of physical network appliances and encourage enterprises to integrate with cloud infrastructure resulting in a significant reduction of the cost. The versatility in terms of industries, as far as application of AT&T FlexWare is concerned, will range from Retail, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment to Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI).

What is the Offering All About?

Accelerating Network Transformation through Virtualization

AT&T FlexWare, part of the SDN/NFV ecosystem, will provide a virtualization of the customer’s premises legacy equipment with a managed services wrap. The solution consists of a virtualized layer with an SDN controller, and pre-packaged network functions to support routing, security solutions, load balancers, SDWAN and more.

The bundled solution offers the option for customers to choose the appropriate Network Function.

AT&T FlexWare Offerings

Tech Mahindra brings to you an ever evolving catalogue of network services

  1. Standard catalogue — available to customers on Day 1
  2. Custom VNFs — based on the preference of enterprise customer vendors as part of Day 2

AT&T FlexWare is a bundled offering with network and management services that provide an ecosystem comprising the Edge network appliances, network infrastructure services, Service Delivery and Service assurance overlays. The platform is built on open technologies with the ability to onboard multi-vendor VNFs that are tested and validated. Tech Mahindra will provide the services to the customer via edge AT&T FlexWares (partners) to ensure a hassle-free service enablement experience.

AT&T FlexWareSM Value Proposition

AT&T FlexWare Value Proposition

The product targets network transformation of enterprises. The solution integrates with hybrid connectivity options bundled with the product. AT&T FlexWare provides a seamless mechanism to launch, change and manage network functions at all the branches around the world quickly and easily via a single widow. The health and statics of the network are at your fingertips through a single pane of glass.

Key Differentiators & Business Benefits

  • Transform legacy hardware devices to next generation Network Functions
  • Out of the box key business services
  • Stack incremental network services in less than 30 min
  • Multi-vendor ecosystem
  • Reduced Capex
  • About 60% reduction of network equipment footprint
  • Simplifying network operations with a saving of over 30%
  • Near zero upfront cost, can be offered on Opex based model
  • Bundled with our managed services
  • Optimize on Hands & Feet (H&F) support, AMC and Breakfix
  • Integrate with any network provider for connectivity


AT&T FlexWareSM - Enabling Network Transformation

<span style="color:#009fdb;">AT&T</span> FlexWare<sup>SM</sup> - Enabling Network Transformation
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