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Connected Driver

Connected driver solution aims at providing a platform to access real-time data on Driver’s performance based on various parameters through Driver Sensor Database. Some of the major features of the solution is to provide support for driver’s behaviour analysis, training/coaching needs, preventive maintenance planning and performance review.


  • Accurate driver behaviour based rating
  • Guided driving
  • Driver feedback and accident prevention
  • Theft tracking and predictive modelling
  • Integrated alerts for rough weather, preventive maintenance, over speeding in unsafe zones              

Business Need

  • Lack of monitoring of petroleum tankers/heavy motor vehicles  drivers performance is observed to be the result of many road  incidents  and crashes in major  oil and gas companies.
  • Absence of real-time data of driver’s performance obstructs the proper safety analysis and establishment of best practices for the job.
  • Need is to monitor and report the behaviour of driver during the transportation of critical petroleum products which would avoid risks,  accidents and achieve master driver status and ensure compliance to organization policies and operational excellence .

Value Drivers

  • Integrated information environment,
  • Real-time data analysis,
  • Performance scorecard and knowledge database for safe work practices

Benefits for Business

  • Better alignment of company policies with actual risk
  • Social and environmental benefits from more responsible driving
  • Potentially change driver driving styles to reduce fatalities and losses due to accidents or damage
  • The GPS technology could be used to trace the vehicle whereabouts following an accident, breakdown or theft
  • The GPS technology can often be used to provide other benefits to consumers, e.g. satellite navigation, geo-fencing for speed limit in fields.


Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

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