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Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics Solution monitors the health of the vehicle, determines the root cause of the problem / failure and provides real time information of vehicle parameters to assess its performance against benchmarks. The solution monitors the health of the electric vehicle, commercial vehicle, utility vehicle and provides insight to field support staff to determine the root cause of the problem. It also enables the customers to access information about the vehicle. Commercial / Utility vehicles being driven across the country extensively over time for various purposes are in need of a diagnostic check which is automated through the offering.


  • Proprietary CAN information and Summary
  • Vehicle tracking, trip analysis and  summary
  • Driver behaviour exceptions (over speeding, gear utilization, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, cornering)
  • Hardware configurations - echo cancellation parameters, event configuration, exception limits & phone numbers for voice communication

Specific for Electric Vehicles

  • Provides status of battery, range, charging station to owner and remote  vehicle operations like  door locking and HVAC
  • Manage vehicle reserve charge
  • Provide vital EV health details  (135 vehicle level alerts handled)  that enable trouble shooting, vehicle event replays
  • Reports - statistics of vehicles customer complaints, alerts, vehicle details - around 32 reports for OEM
  • Alerts sent via email / SMS to customer service / owner

Ecosystem Components

  • RF readers and devices, sensors, telematics unit, application platform, communication device, adaptors, mobile application


  • Effective health planning of the vehicle
  • Avoid cascading part damage
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Reduced service time


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