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Remote Mining

Our Remote Mining Site Monitoring Solution helps keep track of the assets and their security in the mining sites. Data from tags and sensors are collected from various mining sites which are transmitted to cloud. Real time monitoring of sites can be done using this data and alert systems and reports can be sent to the remote mining sites.


  • Human tracking and security
    • System alerts designed on movements of people in and out of unauthorized geo-fenced areas
    • People are tracked through tags worn
  • Asset tracking and security
    • Loading trucks location access i.e. entering and exiting the site are tracked
    • Crushers location present at the site are monitored

Business Need

  • National Mining Association of USA states that amount of minerals extracted in 2013 is 3 Million Metric Tons
  • According to National Mining Industry, size of U.S Mining Industry in 2011 is  $ 232 Billion
  • Increase in extracted mineral safety
  • Improved asset utilization and tracking
  • Increased safety & security procedures and practices at mining site
  • Anti - theft system at mining site

Business Benefits

  • Prevents unauthorized entry or exit into mission critical areas and loss of assets
  • Provides employee and equipment safety at mining site
  • Increased productivity of equipment and employees
  • Reduction in loss of extracted material through theft prevention


Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

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