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School Bus Parent Alert

Tech Mahindra’s School Bus “Parent Alert Solution” SPAS, enables parents to get automated real-time alerts about their wards’ location and status in routine scenarios like boarding the bus to school and  the way back apart from on demand location of the bus at any point in time when it is en-route. The solution also enables schools and fleet owners to track and monitor driver behaviour and driving patterns in case of over speeding, harsh braking etc. and takes pro-active corrective measures on-time. Our solution guarantees a stress free and reliable student transportation experience for schools, parents and fleet owners.


1) SMS Alerts to parents/ guardians

  • ‘x’ minutes before the bus reaches the bus stop
  • Bus schedule is delayed either from the start of the journey or en-route
  • Once the student boards the bus and also when the ward reaches school
  • On-road accidents
  • On-demand SMS alert with real time location of bus

2) System Alerts to School Admin

  • Over speeding, harsh braking/acceleration, bus break down and panic / SOS
  • On-road accidents
  • Tampering with the installed device  

3) Intelligent Reporting

  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Real time bus location and status/route tracking

4) Emergency hands-free communication with driver on need

5) Display alternate routes

Ecosystem Components

  • RF readers and devices, sensors, telematics unit, application platform, communication device, adaptors, mobile application


  • Reduction in operational costs due to real time visibility of vehicle and driver information
  • Reduced accidents and effective compliance to organisation policy
  • Better route planning
  • Cost-effective regulatory compliance through automated data capture


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Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

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