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iNTELLIGENT Digital Experience Platform

iNTELLIGENT Digital Experience Platform (iDEP) provides a 360 degree+ view of an existing customer of a bank by capturing & analyzing Bank’s Internal Databases (CRM, MDM, etc), integrates it with external data (Social Media data, click stream, credit rating) and uses this integrated intelligence to Cross/UP Sell products, acquire customers and provide best-in-class customer experience.

Our solution

  • iDEP is an integrated and comprehensive platform specially designed for the Banking Industry.
  • iDEP has an inbuilt Integrated Data Platform that extracts and transforms both structured (CRM’s) as well as unstructured (Social Media) data into a Single View of Customer (SVoC).
  • SVoC forms the core of iDEP that help to establishes context and relevant messages for customers. iDEP leverages the SVoC coupled with multi-channel and multi-product portfolio (Mortgages, Insurance, Credit Cards, etc.) and runs personalized customer campaigns in real time.


  • Near real-time offers and campaigns
  • Contextual, personalized and location based campaigns.
  • Offers and campaigns across channels (Physical and Digital)


  • End-to-end digital offers and campaign platform
  • Leverages external & unstructured data (Social Media, Click-Stream, Location, etc.)
  • Customizable to current technology and product architecture

Business Benefits

  • Attract profitable customer
  • Better customer segmentation to acquire, retain and win-back customers
  • Effective Upsell/Cross-sell opportunities
  • Contextual and personalised offering to the customer, enhanced customer experience


Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

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