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Smart Vending

Our Big Data enabled Smart Vending Solution installed in a vending machine, captures all that happens inside of it. This information in turn proves useful for enterprises which can then address the problems of potential stock outs and any faults that occur in the vending machine. Our solution empowers the business to monitor and execute man power effectively for vending machine fault inspections plus inventory. The solution has market differentiators that prove vital for customer experience. Our solution provides cashless dispensing options enabling the enterprises to manage their promotional campaigns which eventually empower them to target customers and practise market segmentation effectively. It also enables the enterprises to upsell their products and efficiently manage their customers.


  • Big data enabled solution that gives a view of various sales trends and customer behaviours
  • VMC linkage of the vending machine to the cloud via a wireless gateway that can be GSM or CDMA
  • Key differentiator of integrating the enterprise system of the customer with the solution
  • Key differentiator of offering the solution with or without the device
  • Cashless dispensing via socio connectivity
  • Data refreshed in a split second when a transaction happens updating cloud based application providing a holistic view

Devices: Gateway & Telemetry device, Cloud-based Solution

Benefits for End Users

  • No product stock out instant encountered
  • Vending machine perfectly operational all the time via continuous tracking
  • Cashless dispensing giving futuristic experience

Benefits to the enterprises

  • Increased vigilance of the service providers for managing machine’s faults
  • Raise operational efficiency through real time stock management
  • 24 X 7 tracking of vending machine right from inventory till location
  • Increased upsell of products by limiting stock out occasion
  • Big Data enabled solution proving vital for demand forecast


Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

Bring in a New Age with Connected Machines

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