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Tech mahindra

Tech Mahindra’s is accredited by Mastercard to provide Card Personalization Validation (CPV) and Mastercard Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP) formal approval services to customers worldwide.

To request the formal approval service please send mail to Chip Testing Services. Our experts are available for any questions you may have on Order Form.

Mastercard Formal Approval Services

Card Personalization Validation

CPV aims at ensuring that personalization values of Mastercard branded cardholder devices are compliant with Mastercard requirements. Correctly personalized cardholder devices ensures the highest possible acceptance quality of cardholder devices on acceptance devices. CPV services apply to Mastercard branded contact and contactless technical products with various form factors (e.g. Cards, Mobile phones, Stickers and Wearables).

Mastercard Terminal Integration Process

These type of service tests payment terminals in an acquirer environment. If it is done as part of a Mastercard implementation project then the Network Interface Validation (NIV) has to be successfully done before the M-TIP service. M-TIP is to be performed on each payment terminal configuration in a specific acquirer environment before deployment of that terminal in the field. M-TIP projects can be initiated for payment terminals, having a contact interface, a contactless interface, or both interfaces, like for example POS, mobile POS (mPOS), ATM, BBT & Cardholder Activated Terminals (CAT).

Tech Mahindra proposes Consulting and Testing services in addition to Mastercard’s Formal Approval Services

  • Card profile definition
  • Payment terminal consulting
  • EMV migration consulting
  • Host migration consulting
  • Issuer/Acquirer host testing
  • Terminal testing

Advantages with TECHM:

  • Support is available for a fast, easy project start-up and form completion
  • Additional technical services are available for ‘on-behalf’ certification testing, should you wish to outsource your test project
  • Minimize deployment risk in certifications by taking advantage of Tech Mahindra certification services
For further information please write to

For further information please write to